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For Store Operators

Organize & categorize products in real time

Automatically execute operational tasks in real-time, such as managing your catalog availability, updating inventory, and categorizing products based on given criteria.

For Customer Success

Provide personalized customer service

Automatically segment customers based on behaviors, orders or interests. Develop a personal relationships with every customer by engaging at the right time in the buying process.

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For Marketers

Schedule sales & marketing campaigns

Automatically deploy new promotional campaigns, themes to specific customer groups. Upload beautiful banners on the websites, reduce churn and abandon carts with personalized messaging.

For Developers

Open to connect via API Integration

Smart & scalable with native integration to BigCommerce and open to connect to other solutions via API Integration, including Trello, Slack, Gmail, etc.


We are the 2-time winner at the 2020 BigCommerce Flagship Partner Summit

Best User Experience: Awarded to technology partners whose integration delivers a best-in-class user experience based on simplicity of app install and configuration process, ease of use and beautiful design throughout.

Innovative Integration Award: Awarded to technology partners that have built a new integration or feature that solves a critical need for BigCommerce merchants

Trusted by leading E-commerce experts

Upon introduction to Atom8, I was amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the app. With Atom8’s help, I believe that any BigCommerce merchant can learn how to use commerce automation and level up your online business in no time.

Brent Bellm CEO BigCommerce
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