Fool-proof guide to effective B2B catalog management

b2b catalog management

To improve the customers shopping experience and enhance your operation, you need to invest more in B2B catalog management. There are approaches that you can take to improve your B2B catalog. Therefore, our article today will suggest some tips for you to upgrade your catalog management. 

Simple Approaches To Upgrade B2B Catalog Management

Trustworthy Product Description

The first tip to improve your B2B catalog management is to ensure every piece of information is real and trustworthy. So that the customers can trust your business and they can comfortably experience their shopping journey. You need to provide accurate and reliable product descriptions. The content should be clear, cohesive and easy to understand and help the customers access the core features of products at a glance. 

Moreover, the products and services are updated annually so you need to keep your information up-to-date. Also, the simple text can make the customers bored and feel difficult to address the main content. So you can deliver the product description in various forms including photos and short videos.

Reasonable Product Category

The logical and reasonable product category will help the customers find their expected products quickly rather than make them overwhelmed with various items. You need to provide helpful features such as filtering, refining, and sorting products according to specific features. To build the best product category which can support customers’ searching process, you need to think from customers’ perspectives. The sellers should ensure all the product tags are consistent to avoid making buyers misunderstand. Also, you need to optimize the product attributes and classify products into different categories with corresponding features.

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Effective Product Recommendation

Product recommendation is always an effective approach to raise revenues and optimize B2B catalog management. The smart product suggestions can help the customers save a lot of time to find their expected items and then improve their smooth buying journey and their satisfaction. You need to invest in a strategic product recommendation and intelligent technology. It will help to provide customers with the most accurate and suitable suggestions. If you use the BigCommerce platform, you try the Product Recommendation app from GritGlobal to bring the customers the most matched items.

Helpful Catalog Management Tool

To enhance the effectiveness of catalog management tools, you need to choose the one that is suitable for your business needs. Your B2B catalog can be managed through Spreadsheets, integrated platforms. Which link to your ERP, product information management systems or stand-alone e-commerce platform. Besides considering the product features, you need to examine your budget, your business size, security risk and so on to select the most helpful catalog management tool.

Personalize Product Catalog

Each customer will have a different taste from others, so you need to personalize your B2B catalog to satisfy all your segments. The personalized approaches can be applied to your pricing plan, product classification, product recommendation and so on.


With our simple guides to enhance the effectiveness of B2B catalog management, we hope you can control your B2B catalog better, satisfy your customers and bring more revenues to your companies.


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