Criteria eCommerce stores follow to make customer segments


With the right criteria and precise analysis, eCommerce stores can get closer to successful customer segmentation. Crafting well-defined and precise customer segments helps create personalized product offerings, improve customer experiences, and foster long-term relationships. By staying up to date on the trends and ensuring consumer behavior is considered, businesses can gain an edge over their competitors.

In this post, we will discover the essential criteria eCommerce stores need to follow to make successful eCommerce customer segments.

What is customer segmentation?

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing up a customer base depending on any specified factors, such as demographics or in-store activity. These groups are also used to further customize emails, in-store pop-ups, and other messaging.

For several reasons, the success of e-commerce depends on this strategy. See why it is crucial to segment customers.

Criteria eCommerce stores follow to make customer segments

Why customer segmentation can help your business

You can obtain the following results by categorizing your clients and treating them differently:

  • Getting higher conversion rates. Marketing efforts that are specifically targeted at particular client groups convert at a rate that is 200% greater than ads that employ the same content for everyone.
  • Achieving a greater CLV. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a measure of the typical financial worth of your customers that is obtained by dividing the average sale by the volume of transactions and the retention duration.
  • Increasing consumer loyalty and satisfaction. Through segmentation, personalized offerings may speak to extremely particular requirements and even anticipate them. Customers feel valued and spend less time searching, which results in better engagement and loyalty.
  • Identifying the issues with the store. Another reason why firms utilize segmentation is to identify problems to address. If there are any glaring conversion obstacles, you can easily identify them when you split down users based on their online activity.
Criteria eCommerce stores follow to make customer segments

Criteria eCommerce stores follow to make eCommerce customer segments


Your market’s size and purchasing power profiles should be quantifiable, which means there should be statistics accessible. The profiles and data of a customer give marketing strategists the knowledge they need to execute their campaigns.

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Being accessible implies that clients and consumers may be easily accessed at a reasonable price. This helps in determining how to increase the profitability of advertising and how certain ads could reach different target markets.

If adverts should be placed online, in print, or outside the home, it is an excellent question to ask. For instance, gather information on the websites that a certain target market frequently visits so that you may increase your advertising there instead.


A brand should have a sizable target market that it wants to enter. By compiling information on a consumer’s age, gender, employment, socioeconomic level, and purchasing power, you should be able to describe their profiles precisely.

Also, attempting to reach an unreasonable number of individuals only makes you lose resources. You also don’t want to advertise the brand to a market that is so tiny that it prevents the company from becoming successful.


It’s important to consider how various target markets will react to different marketing methods when segmenting the market. This might not be as big of a problem for a company that just targets one market group.

But if college students are your target market, for instance, it’s crucial to develop a marketing approach that both freshmen and senior students respond to favorably. This technique guarantees that you are developing solutions that are more successful and economical.

Criteria eCommerce stores follow to make customer segments


Finally, your eCommerce customer segments must be actionable, which means they must be useful in real life. A market segment should be able to respond to a certain marketing strategy or program and have outcomes that are simple to quantify. 

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It is essential for business owners to understand the marketing strategies to employ for a certain market segment. Once those strategies have been chosen, think about the company’s ability to carry them out.

To conclude,

This process of segmentation can seem daunting, but with the right tools and expertise it can be made much smoother. If you need further help on how to implement this in your own eCommerce store, we’re here for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together towards refining your eCommerce customer segments for success!


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