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Your online store needs a stable operation, smooth workflow, user-friendly interface and high-protected data security to meet business demands, satisfy customers and optimize your productivity and revenues. To do so, choosing suitable Magento development agencies for your B2B business is essential. Therefore, our article today will suggest some top Magento development agencies, which can become valuable supporters for your business.

Selected Magento development agencies


SimiCart is a famous Magento service supplier which has been a partner of various businesses around the world. This company can help you to develop a Magento mobile app and headless PWA storefront with customized design, quick-response website without sacrificing any functions. Moreover, SimiCart helps the Magento merchants with SEO audits and annual software maintenance. The developers of this agency are skillful certified Magento and Google-qualified developers with more than ten years of experience. The cost per working hour is about $40.


Another agency which we want to introduce is CueBlocks. This company provides different services for Magento merchants. If you want to migrate or re-platform to Magento 2, this agency will be a suitable option. Besides, they also help you with other services such as code review, code audit, integration, performance optimization. You can customize your Magento store with the support of CueBlocks to build your different online selling platform which can fit your expectation and operation. This agency can be a helpful developer for your omnichannel development. The cost of this agency is from $25 to $49 per hour.


Elsner possesses a lot of expert Magento developers with more than 10 years of experience. However, this agency specializes in web rather than mobile development. They provide offshore development services which are customized storefront design, real-time web management, customized modules, and so on. The most remarkable service which Elsner can help you to reduce cart abandonment is a shopping cart and payment integration. If you are operating big enterprises, you can hire this agency for building and upgrading your business at a price of $25 per hour.

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Contus, which was established in 2008, specializes in digital transformation. This agency has a lot of experience in different platforms, including Magento development. They provide robust solutions to empower your stores to optimize productivity and enhance smooth operation. They have successfully finished over 100 projects and possess a team of more than 50 Magento-certified developers. The prices of each service range from $25 to $49 per working hour.

GritGlobal B2B platform

Instead of hiring an agency for your B2B business, there is an alternative solution for your Magento store: using B2B platform from GritGlobal. GritGlobal is a technical-solution provider for eCommerce merchants for different platforms including BigCommerce, Shopify and Magento. They have been trusted by various well-known enterprises for their convenient, high-tech, powerful and up-to-date products. The B2B platform for Magento store offers a headless approach that can transform your website to B2B, take advantage of flexible B2B functions such as bulk order, B2B account, B2B catalog, quote management, payment diversification and so on. 


With our suggestions, we believe that you can confidently make decisions of the best Magento development agencies for your B2B business.


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