Optimizing BigCommerce Abandoned Cart strategy to earm more sales

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Cart abandonment always makes the eCommerce business feel exhausted as it is a great sign of customer dissatisfaction, especially at the end of their shopping journey. Therefore, trying to minimize cart abandonment has become one of the top priorities of eCommerce stores nowadays. Our article today will show you some awesome ideas to tackle BigCommerce abandoned carts and maintain a high rate of successful orders.

Approaches To Deal With BigCommerce Abandoned Cart

Be Honest With Additional Fees

Optimizing BigCommerce Abandoned Cart strategy to earm more sales

What will happen if the customers realize they need to pay more to get their expected items at the checkout step? At first, they may consider whether they should abandon their cart due to financial issues. If they choose to give up checkout, they leave their cart. Then, they may think about how your store does business, whether it is reliable to welcome customers at a low price and increase it at the end of the shopping journey. You should make all the additional fees on the product pages public to help customers have a realistic view of the order value and feel trustworthy when going to the checkout stage.

Shorten Your Checkout Process

Optimizing BigCommerce Abandoned Cart strategy to earm more sales

The long checkout processes with various steps may consume a lot of time and make the customer feel bored. Therefore, it is essential to shorten the checkout procedures and avoid asking for too much unnecessary information. We all know that a lot of information can help us enrich our customer data to form better-personalized strategies, but it could be much wiser if we give customers the right to fill or ignore. Moreover, all the checkout steps should display within one page only to ensure a short, quick, and enough process. If your procedure requires a lot of things and needs to cover multiple pages, you can try adding a progress bar at the top of the page. Customers then can follow it and know when they will finish the process. Also, your store should allow guest checkout and avoid requiring customers to log in for further processing. 

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Display Necessary Checkout Information

Optimizing BigCommerce Abandoned Cart strategy to earm more sales

During the checkout process, the customers may have concerns about refund and return policy and other terms and regulations. The business should display those kinds of information on the checkout page or equip a chatbot with programmed answers for those issues so the customers can find out the information whenever they need it.

Notifications For Abandoned Cart

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We can not ignore the carts that the customers abandoned, so we try to remind them to finish placing orders. There are several ways to remind, including email notification, SMS, and app notification. Also, don’t forget to add unique content to hurry customers up and encourage them to complete their orders.

Offer Various Payment Methods

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Customers will abandon their carts if they cannot find suitable payment methods. Therefore, businesses should focus on this point to reduce BigCommerce abandoned carts. The eCommerce store should display all the popular payment methods and alternatives on option bars to help customers find their most suitable gates at a glance.

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We have recommended the most effective approaches that you can adapt to your BigCommerce abandoned cart strategies to minimize cart abandonment and improve overall customer satisfaction.


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