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7 Quick SEO Tips to Nail Your Ranking

Search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, outperforming social media by 300%.

Being an online store owner, you must have heard about search engine optimization (SEO) a thousand times. So many people are using the internet these days that there are over 78.000 Google searches every second.

The idea behind SEO is to increase the quantity and quality of your content so that it is better visible on search engines such as Google or Bing every time a customer types in a keyword that is relevant to your business.

The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Merchandising

Merchandising helps you take control of how your brand is perceived and how visitors shop, while also driving brand engagement & awareness. It can both increase the average order value (AOV) from your customers and inspire
customers to return in the future, two of the main ways businesses see growth in revenue.

From best-selling to collection-based products, homepage layout to category pages, photography to social proof, eCommerce merchandising is an indispensable part of any online store.

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8 Tactics for Optimal Customer Segmentation

a man discussing customer segmentation

Given that 77% of ROI comes from targeted, and triggered campaigns, customer segmentation has always been one of the core digital marketing tactics in the marketing-mix.

Customer segmentation is the process of creating sub-groups of your shoppers based on their shared characteristics.

This enhances your understanding of customers’ behaviors and thus helps personalize distinctive promotional campaigns for each segment. People tend to respond better when they feel that their needs and interests are being specifically addressed.

9 Holiday Marketing Strategies for Maximum Impacts

Failing to push the gas on your holiday marketing campaigns means you’re missing out on the trillions that people spend collectively each holiday season.

In 2019, American household spending reached $1,496 during the Christmas holiday season. All of those purchases totaled more than $1.1 trillion, deemed as one of the biggest shopping periods ever recorded.

By levearging your marketing startegies, you can get to the top of your customer’s mind when they’re thinking about purchasing.

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7 Best Practices for optimal holiday Inventory Management

ebook inventory management

COVID-19 and the restrictions it brings mean this year’s holiday sales will present both difficulties and opportunities for online merchants.

Shoppers prefer to stay and do their shopping from the safety of their homes, so eCommerce is seeing a stratospheric rise in popularity.

Last November, third-party sellers on Amazon saw a 60% growth year-on-year in Black Friday weekend sales, surpassing $4.8 billion worldwide.

Merchants selling products online need to plan ahead to face any of the various issues that could come up this holiday shopping season. These 7 actions can manage your supply chain and inventory this holiday season.