Ergo: eCommerce Automation App for Shopify

Convert repetitive tasks into automated workflows that execute precisely when needed.
Shopify Automate all processes: From operation, marketing, to customer service and sales. No coding required.

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Easy & scalable automation for Shopify merchants

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Free yourself from busy & repetitive tasks

Clothes order is arranged into multiple categories using Ergo

Orders categorization

  • Add all/filtered order information to a spreadsheet
  • Send an expedited shipping notification to the logistics team
  • Auto-tag orders on ShipStation to complete the fulfillment
  • Add notes on orders with high value or a large number of products

Customer management

  • Tag customers to “Platinum” group when they’ve made an order that exceeds $1000
  • Segment customers by lifetime-spend tiers or total number of orders
  • Personalize email marketing and follow-ups by tagging customers on CRM and email marketing platforms
A woman checking customer management by Ergo on her tablet
A woman receiving real-time notifications by Ergo

Real-time notification

  • Send an email to suppliers to re-order when a product is out of stock
  • Send an email to customer service team if the order is not completed 7 days after order placed
  • Notify team members when there’s an order with high value/large number of items/short delivery time

Manage store data on spreadsheets

  • Generate product information and quantify when an order is placed in real time
  • Add an order note to Google speadsheet when an order contains fragile products or has gift wrap
  • Group all low-stock products and generate data to a spreadsheet
  • (For dropshipping use case) Generate order information to Google spreadsheet and send over to your dropshipping suppliers
A person manage his store data on a spreadsheet by Ergo
A woman publish content on her online store using Ergo

Publish content/products on website

  • Apply 50% discount to all products on Black Friday campaign. After 2 days, switch the price back to normal
  • Auto-publish products/categories on schedule
  • Auto-switch banner ads/themes once every 2 hours
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