Whoever places a back order and is willing to wait for your fulfillment is likely to become your loyal customer. Don’t forget to pay special…
No retailer ever wants to fail their customers’ expectations, especially when it comes to best-selling items. However, there are times when the customer demands outweigh…
Stay in the loop!
Weekly workflow templates, updates on trends, and strategy pointers.
Perhaps the biggest fear of any merchant is to fail to serve the best of your customers, especially during the high season. You might be…
When your store has a new order, you will want to immediately record that order on a Google Sheet spreadsheet and send Thank-you email to…
Imagine your store has a newly created customer, you will want to immediately generate that customer information to your Google Sheet spreadsheet and send notification…
Automatically send email to customers who have registered but haven't made any order after a period of time
Automatically add/ remove customers on integrated email marketing platforms
Automatically add top-selling products to a specific category.
Integration with API key can open up full potentials of your email marketing platform: real-time customer segmentation & direct email engagement
Automatically publish price list to a group of customers after they purchase a membership product.

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