Automatically change product price in categories on sales occasions by time trigger.
Automatically set newly created products to featured products & remove from the list after 14 days
Stay in the loop!
Weekly workflow templates, updates on trends, and strategy pointers.
Automatically change product sort order based on total views. With the lower product sort order is, the higher it is prioritized on the storefront
Automatically schedule publishing blog posts to BigCommerce stores on a pre-scheduled basis.
Automatically schedule publishing products to BigCommerce stores on a pre-scheduled basis.
Segment customers immediately after they've created an account based on custom signup fields and engage with each groups automatically.
Automatically change products' price, category, and send notification emails to stakeholders when products are launched.
Automatically change product availability to pre-order status when products are out of stock and switch back to normal purchase status when products are back in…
Automatically publish & switch banners based on pre-scheduled time triggers.
Automatically publish/unpublish products and send notification emails to stakeholders when products are low in stock.

About Atom8 – Commerce Automation Platform

Automation is among the greatest tools available to achieve optimal operational efficiency and unlock the break-through growth for any online store. Atom8 is built to enable 70,000+ current, and all new BigCommerce merchants to level up their stores by removing manual functions, helping store owners optimize costs, drive more sales, and increase customer satisfaction.

I was blown away by how useful Atom8 is for online merchants. It really helps them level up their online stores.
Brent Bellm CEO BigCommerce

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