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Integration with API key can open up full potentials of your email marketing platform: real-time customer segmentation & direct email engagement
Automatically add/ remove customers on integrated email marketing platforms
Automatically publish price list to a group of customers after they purchase a membership product.
Segment customers immediately after they've created an account based on custom signup fields and engage with each groups automatically.
Automatically change products' price, category, and send notification emails to stakeholders when products are launched.
Automatically publish/unpublish products and send notification emails to stakeholders when products are low in stock.
Automatically send email to customers who have registered but haven't made any order after a period of time
Automatically change product price in categories on sales occasions by time trigger.
Automatically change product sort order based on total views. With the lower product sort order is, the higher it is prioritized on the storefront
Stay top-of-mind with new customers after a purchase: Loop them into an email sequel for future engagement & potential upselling
Automatically publish & switch banners based on pre-scheduled time triggers.
Whoever places a back order and is willing to wait for your fulfillment is likely to become your loyal customer. Don’t forget to pay special…