Publish Price Lists on Predetermined Dates


Suppose that you’re running on a discount price at 2 PM every Monday. Without automation, you’ll have to wait until that hour every week to publish your price list. This is manageable at the beginning. However, it’d become increasingly time-consuming and frustrating over a long period. 

The solution is setting up a workflow to do the work for you. 

1. Choose the date and time for the workflow to start. Remember to choose the type of trigger (one time, daily, weekly, or monthly)

2. Set the condition as filtered by Content

3. Choose the action you want Atom8 to perform. In this case, it is to publish the price list

Once the workflow is activated, the discount price will be applied to every product on your list. Make sure you choose the right list and update the discount rate accurately. Besides, note that if your product contains many variants, the discount price will be applied for all of them equivalently. 

atom8 workflow to publish price list on bigcommerce

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