Auto-segment & engage with newly created customers

Segment customers immediately after they’ve created an account based on custom signup fields and engage with each groups automatically.


When your business offers products to many types of customers, you’ll want to classify them as newly created shoppers immediately after they’ve signed up on your store; furthermore, sending customized emails to each group via MailChimp as a first engagement. Later, you wish to migrate these customers to the normal customer segment to align corresponding marketing content with them. Just by following this workflow, you’ll be able to execute those tasks in no time.


Shapes used this journey

Customer Created

When a customer register on your eCommerce site, you might want to add them to a group. Atom8 can help your system do that automatically with this condition. Their email can be auto-added to your marketing list with an integration.

If customers registered as Group A/ Group B

You can create custom fields to classify customers right from the registration step. Then, you can use these fields as a filter to segment further. For example, assigning groups, apply price lists, offer discounts, and many more.

Wait for predefined hours

You can pre-define a delay between actions anywhere within a workflow. Specifically, a delay can be minutes, hours, or days.

Assign customer to a group

Automatically assign new customers to a pre-created group. You can create and manage these groups in Customers/Customer groups.

Send email to customer via MailChimp

In order to perform this action, you need to finish integration with your Mailchimp account first. Atom8 will provide the options to choose from your list of templates, fill in subjects, sender email, and name.

Assign customer to a group

You can set conditions and triggers to assign customers to a certain group right after registration. Then, you can add a delay step and check after a while if the customer is now qualified for other groups.