Automatically apply discounts when launching a product

Automatically change products’ price, category, and send notification emails to stakeholders when products are launched.


On launching a product, you will want to apply discounts, change the product’s category, and send emails to notify your marketing team to schedule marketing campaigns. Now, Atom8 can automatically cover all these time-consuming tasks on a pre-scheduled basis, saving you a lot of time & effort.


Shapes used this journey

Product created

You can use this trigger to start automating when a product is created. Then, make sure to use conditions to filter products that need to be edited.

The product category is equal to:

“Just Arrived”. To use this condition you need to add all new products to this category first. On the other hand, you can also create a workflow to add products created in a specific time frame to a pre-created category.

Send notification email

Send an internal email notification to the Marketing team to schedule marketing campaigns. Moreover, this process workflow should be discussed beforehand with the team.

Add product to categories

When you choose this action, Atom8 will add filtered products to a pre-created category. There are countless ways to utilize this action and product information to reduce manual edits.

Change product price

In Atom8 you can apply discounts in the following ways: by percentage, money value, or set a fixed price. This action can also remove all sale prices from chosen products.