How to Assign Products in BackOrder


There are 3 ways in which a user can assign products to Backorder depending on the number of items you want. 

Note that by assigning products, you’re letting BackOrder take over inventory tracking from your BigCommerce store. Therefore, BigCommerce will automatically turn off this function in your backend. If you, by any chance, turn it on, the product will be removed from BackOrder. 


How to assign one product

1. Go to your BackOrder dashboard and click on the Product menu 

2. Under the All products category, click Assign next to the product you want

backorder product menu

3. Fill in the information needed 

  • Current stock: The number of stock in your storage 
  • Backorder threshold: The maximum amount of products that can be backordered until it’s truly out of stock 
  • Salable quantity: The sum total of current stock and backorder threshold. In other words, it is the total amount of products that can be purchased until it’s truly out of stock. When the saleable quantity reaches 0, the button “Add to cart” will be hidden.
  • Incoming stock: The number of stock that is back in-store in a certain period of time

backorder assign product fill in data

Note that this information is only visible in your backend while your customers are unaware of it, except for the current stock. 

How to assign many products

Assigning many products allows users to add information of items within the same page quicker instead of choosing them one by one.  

1. Go to the Product menu 

2. Select every product you want to assign 

3. Click on Bulk Assign 

backorder assign many products4. Fill in the information needed

backorder fill in data for many products

How to assign in mass 

Assign in mass allows users to assign up to hundreds or thousands of products at a time. This is suitable for large merchants or those who want to backorder products from different categories. 

1. Go to the Import menu

backorder import menu2. Click on Sample file to download the template

backorder sample file download

3. Fill in the information of all products you want to assign based on the sample

excel layout to fill in product information

4. Choose Update data and Import your file 

backorder update data button to assign

backorder product menu

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