Change product availability status (Pre-order, Purchasable) based on inventory level

Automatically change product availability to pre-order status when products are out of stock and switch back to normal purchase status when products are back in stock.


When you have a best-seller product and it runs out of stock, you’ll want to change this product’s status to pre-order so that you can have some time to arrange the stock while not wasting demand for it. Meanwhile, stakeholders such as Marketing team is supposed to get notifications to work on marketing campaigns, or Purchasing team needs advised to contact suppliers. With Atom8, all these tasks can be executed in just one simple workflow.

Shapes used this journey

Product inventory changed

When you choose this trigger in Atom8, your workflow will start running with any change in product inventory. Then, you make all kinds of auto-edits to products.

Inventory level is equal to 0

Conditions related to inventory in Atom8 are inventory level, inventory tracking option, and low stock status. You can use this to set a safety stock level and automatically reorder.

Make product invisible on the storefront

When a product is created on your website, you can use Atom8 to change its visibility. This action is essential for new product launches, flash sale promotions, and availability updates.

Send notification email

You can find this action under “internal notification”. It helps save time emailing each internal team about what needs to be done.