Publish & switch banners on website

Automatically publish & switch banners based on pre-scheduled time triggers.


Promoting multiple sales campaigns on a website can be quite a challenging task. This workflow allows you to automatically & continuously publish & switch banners on a pre-scheduled basis, saving a lot of time & effort invested in manual tasks.


Shapes used this journey

Trigger by time

A workflow can start running either after an event or at a specified time. This trigger will be especially valuable in scheduling campaigns and google sheets export.

Publish & switch to another banner

An action you can schedule with a time trigger. First, you will need to create banners in Marketing/Banners in order to select them from a drop-down list.

Wait for predefined hours

You can pre-define a delay between actions anywhere within a workflow. Specifically, a delay can be minutes, hours, or days.

Publish banners

You can create a banner beforehand in Marketing/Banners and uncheck “Visible”. Then, at pre-defined time Atom8 will publish the banner and make it visible on your site.