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Magento B2B platform

An all-in-ONE B2B Solution for Magento stores with a headless approach

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Transform your website into B2B

Effortlessly convert your B2C website to B2B with hierarchic corporate accounts, catalog access restriction, and custom pricing.

Convert more distributors with unique experiences 

Flexible B2B functionality to fulfill any distributor’s need: allow bulk orders, manage quotes, B2B specialized payment methods and many more. 

Automate your B2B operations

Quickly build and tailor your wholesale processes with 100+ workflow templates. Boost efficiency with advanced tools like 

Scalable, stable and secured B2B experiences

b2b company account

B2B accounts

  • Create and manage company accounts
  • Multi-level team structure
  • Set personalized roles & permissions
  • Easy registration to acquire new B2B customers

B2B Catalog

  • Customize catalog and restrict access for each distributor
  • Custom and tier pricing for different distributor

B2B orders

  • Allow partners to place bulk orders quickly
  • Add extra confirmation steps with order approval process
  • Allow quote requests with easy negotiation
  • Assign permission for sales representative masquerade

B2B payment

  • Flexible payment types according to partners’ need: on account, credit assignment and split payment
  • Easily manage invoices, purchase history, and refund
b2b relationship

Advanced features

  • Quickly and accurately generate quotes with Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) tool
  • B2B Automation to boost productivity and efficiency
  • Partner relationship management (PRM) and Field Sale App (FSA) utilities

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