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Step in automation workflow: add a row to your spreadsheet after a workflow is triggered. Specifically, which data to export can be chosen from the…
A condition you can add in Atom8 to filter all customers who haven’t make a purchase yet. Conditions are related to the trigger you created.
A condition in Atom8 for triggers associated with products. By the same token, conditions help to filter elements chosen in the trigger. Moreover, the number…
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One of the many actions you can choose with customer-related triggers. To do this you should integrate your Klaviyo account with Atom8 first.
An action you can automate for customer-related triggers. Make sure to integrate your MailChimp account with Atom8 first.
This action on Atom8 is available for customer-related triggers. You will need to integrate the app with SendGrid and create a list beforehand.
One or multiple conditions to filter customer/order/product by time created. This condition will follow the trigger chosen in your first step.
A trigger must be chosen in the beginning. In this case, an automation workflow will start running right after any customer registration.
This action will change the sale price of all products filtered by pre-determined condition. Particularly, you can choose to apply discounts by percentage or money…
BigCommerce’s price list feature is especially valuable for wholesale eCommerce and loyalty programs. This action is available in Atom8’s enterprise plan.
A condition to filter products you want to edit. The criteria can be any information about a product. For example, price, view, availability, category, etc.
You can choose to start a workflow on pre-defined time instead of an event related to product, order, or customer. Specifically, it can be a…

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