5 Biggest Obstacles Seriously Make eCommerce Productivity Worse

ecommerce productivity obstacles

Like other activities, before doing something new, you need to pay attention to some risks and barriers, and eCommerce is not an exception. There are thousands of difficulties when selling online, but they usually originate from the big roots. To prevent you from being overwhelmed by many ideas, we list out the five backbones, the foundation for other relevant difficulties. And don’t worry, we do not let you in a labyrinth. We will recommend some possible solutions to rescue your business from crisis and boost your eCommerce productivity.   5 Prevailing Challenges Disturb eCommerce Productivity Arising Technical Problems And Cybersecurity It could be seen that technical problems are uncontrollable. The quality of your programs, domains, and even your online business heavily depends on the applications. If we are not IT specialists, controlling and solving all the tech issues is a nightmare. Technical problems negatively affect your business performance and customer experiences. Imagine that when the customers catch their best-fitted items but a disruption appears, they lose what they have found. Typically, the customers will use the name of that product, find and buy it in another store, so we lose that customer. One customer is like a drop in the ocean, but we will lose thousands if this problem occurs frequently. As a result, the eCommerce productivity will reduce enormously, and our business will meet a catastrophe.  Cybersecurity is not a strange phrase as much data and reports of customers and business activities in the modern world. The online environment does not have any police, so the owner should keep the information safe. If the competitors possess our customers’ data, they will try to attract our valuable buyers, and our eCommerce productivity will witness a deep drop. More seriously, if they can steal our eCommerce strategies, our eCommerce productivity will see a deep plunge. Lack of Information Verification Information Verification is also a problem that makes eCommerce operators sick. When selling online, you can not meet your customers face to face; that is why it is difficult for you to check the validity of each purchase. If all of the orders are accepted unconditionally, there will be a high risk of fabricating orders. Hence, this situation negatively affects eCommerce productivity as it takes a lot of time and money to process but not come to a successful contract.  Too Many Competitors Doing business online or eCommerce has become viral all over the world. People can access both global channels and national channels to get their products. As a result, your competitors are not only in your country but also overseas, and they will give your eCommerce productivity a thrust to the chasm. Your online business somehow will struggle to face a foreign giant. The foreign sellers are likely to offer your customers a wide range of products at a highly competitive price. Therefore, with borderless delivery, it is easy for your customers to purchase from abroad.  Lack Of Loyal Customers If there are many beautiful flowers in the garden, it is difficult for the butterflies to perch at only one flower. Ecommerce platforms are the same. Various stores with various offers and all of them are trying to reach the buyers. Your company may be a winner in this line of products, but it is hard to win all the products. The customers become impatient while they have a lot of interesting choices from the markets. It is feasible to leave your store without a second thought when they find another offer fascinating.  Advertisement And Spam Confusion Online selling frequently immerses in overadvertising. Maybe you just want to make the customers pay attention to your new launch products, new discount campaign or something useful. However, the non-selected information and the consistent sending bring the buyers annoyances. Subsequently, the customers will block our advertisement without hesitation, and we will not have any chance to tell them about our future programs.  Fabulous Suggested Solutions There are some possible actions you can take to prevent the eCommerce productivity downturn. Firstly, check out your current automatic eCommerce application about the extent of information security and the stability to ensure no data leakage or bugs when running. Secondly, you need to tightly control the order verification process or use a suitable and trustworthy application like Atom8. Finally, it would be better to advertise correctly with essential notification to the target segment. To do that, maybe you need the assistance of an automatic application, which can collect the data based on the customer’s activities on online shops, analyze it and point out what kind of buyers and their needs. Also, it can send personalized emails to each customer to help you keep the loyal customers, avoiding mass marketing which could make our customers dissatisfied.  Conclusion We have told you some significant issues that can severely affect your eCommerce productivity and some recommended methods to minimize the obstacles and boost your profits. Also, remember that you certainly can improve most of them with an eCommerce automatic application.  Are you still overwhelmed by various application choices on the market? Try it out, and you will not be disappointed! 

5 Life-changing Ways To Create Fantastic Customer Experiences With Omnichannel Automation

enhance customer experience with omnichannel automation

The final and most crucial purpose when doing business is bringing to your customers’ unforgettable buying experiences. There are many merits for future selling and the company’s reputation if the customers are happy. Fortunately, omnichannel automation has appeared and made your worries about customer satisfaction no longer exist.  Omnichannel automation has come with a variety of outstanding features. It can collect, analyze necessary data and develop suitable customer services. With omnichannel automation, your customers receive essential and proper support rather than spam and helpless information.  Today, our article will bring you five ways to utilize omnichannel automation and boost your customer experience.  Bridge The Gap Between Online And Offline Nowadays, customers tend to combine shopping online and offline. Therefore, the first way to make them satisfied is deleting all the barriers between the online shops and mock and mortar stores. The omnichannel automation can help with the synchronizing functions to give the buyer the same, even better experience when going online. The customers can access the same products with enough information and images, the same payment procedure, and receive real-time support.  Personalized Approaches Mass approaches become ineffective in the modern world because customers are looking forward to something different. That is personalization. Therefore, only the selected information was sent to customers, and they will appreciate it. However, the business operators do not have enough time and labor to access them one by one. That is why they need omnichannel automation.  With the available customer’s contact and purchasing records, it can analyze and realize what each customer needs. For instance, if you use BigCommerce platform, Atom8 can send personalized emails and notifications to customers based on its researched resources from what customers did on your websites. With omnichannel automation, every announcement from your stores becomes a valuable letter rather than trash. You can understand more about this concept at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SAtdSM0Trk Shorten Waiting Time And Minimize Errors Witnessing a long waiting time is a nightmare with customers. They want all the processes to become fast and accurate. However, some automation applications just meet the “fast” and ignore the “accurate.” Fortunately, there is a distinct improvement with omnichannel automation. The omnichannel can handle many product-related processes quickly and ensure every step can be run in the right way.  Multichannel Integration Customers usually spend time on two or more platforms before buying a product. The more platforms your stores are on, the more products that you can sell. It seems impossible to manage and monitor various sites simultaneously, but it becomes effortless with omnichannel automation.  Omnichannel automation helps you operate your business more efficiently and supports your customers at every buying step. For example, the customers will need an automatic offer when choosing a product, comprehensive support in the ordering process, and real-time assistance during the delivery. Fully Catching Customer Insight Have you been confused about the idea of a new line of products because you do not capture the customer’s taste? The omnichannel automation can track the customers’ behavior from their clicks and views on the e-commerce platform. Then, it collects and analyzes to point out what is genuinely the customers’ preferences. Some omnichannel automation will stop at this step, and the enterprise operators will decide which products should be launched. Thanks to the cutting-edge innovation, some omnichannel automation can automatically make decisions and list out some recommendations for the managers based on what it has recorded and examined. In the end, your companies will meet the customers’ expectations and get further success.  Conclusion Omnichannel automation is a supportive assistant for your business and a thoughtful buddy with your customers. Also, it can enhance your customer’s loyalty and boost your profits. As a result, investment in the automation with unique functions is a brilliant solution to all e-commerce related problems. If you are still overwhelmed by various choices on the market, check out our recommendation for BigCommerce. 

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