About GritGlobal

Our Story

Grit Global is a group of individuals who believe in the value of technology to transform companies and passionately aim to create solutions to help businesses achieve their goals.

Backed by the e-commerce powerhouse SmartOSC, Grit Global has been founded to pursue the philosophy to be impactful and strive to make the business world a better place.

Our Vision

A better world with more impactful technologies that help businesses achieve their goals effectively.

Take a look at our eCommerce Solutions

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BigCommerce’s only backorder solution. Stores use BackOrder to rescue revenue, increase sales, and reduce operational costs.

Easy no-code eCommerce Automation to expedite sales process. Auto-publish blogs, auto-segment customers and more, with Atom8.

Integrate your internal applications (ERP, CRM, OMS...) with your eCommerce business for frictionless operations.

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