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Product Publication

Dynamic Product Pricing

Dynamic Product Info

Dynamic theme

Email Marketing Integration

Scheduled Workflows

Dynamic Product Tagging

Google Sheets Integration

Product Merchandising

Order Management

Performance Report

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Product Categorization

Trello Integration

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Slack Integration

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Multiple Notification

Fulfillment Notification

Custom Email Notification

Workflow Library

Import/Export Workflow

Customer Segmentation

Campaign Management

Premium Execution

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Content Automation

Account Management

Product Quality Control

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Product Massively Update

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Coupon Generation

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Condition Scheduling

Risk Management

Zapier Integration

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Enterprise Execution

Dedicated Account Manager

Automation Consulting

Custom Trigger

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Send Https Request

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Monthly Execution Limitation

Number of workflow executions




Frequently asked questions

Atom8 is an eCommerce automation app built to optimize your BigCommerce store by simplifying and converting manual tasks to automated workflows, streamlining processes and feeding data to other customer-facing applications.

As a store owner, you will get notified via email immidiately after a product is switched to Backorder

When a product is assigned to B-order, it will take over the inventory tracking for that product. This will allow the product to be purchased over the in stock number and can be switched to Backorder automatically

When a product is switched to backorder – your customer will see a backorder button instead of add to cart along with a backorder description that you can modify from Setting > Storefront Setting

We do provide a custom integration service that you are entitiled to with our Pro & Enterpise package. If you want to know more about this, please email to [email protected]