BigCommerce BackOrder Pricing

BigCommerce BackOrder Pricing

All prices are in USD.


$0 / forever


$49.95 / month


$169.95 / month

Number of BackOrder Products





Automation in BO

Assign Products to BackOrder

Auto-enable for assigned products

Customer Experience Optimization

Create BackOrder Button & Messages

Custom cart message notifications

Packing slip notifications

Customer live updates notifications (Coming Soon)

Invoice notifications

Display stock status label

Predictive Inventory Management

Set BackOrder threshold

Set Back-in-stock date

Set lead time for variants and products level

Reports & Analytics

Daily BackOrder sales & inventory report

Advance trends reports (Coming Soon)

Export & Import data (GG Sheet, BO API)

Bulk import product updates

Export your sale data & product data to .CSV

Automated BackOrder updates via Google Sheet

Customized API Integration


BO Multi-Storefront Support

Dedicated Support

New Feature Requests


Onboarding Customer Service

Dedicated account manager

Automated email training

Automated email training

Dedicated account manager

Support Channels

Email; Facebook; WhatsApp

Email; Facebook

Email; Facebook

Email; Facebook; WhatsApp

Critical response SLA

8-hour SLA

2-day SLA

1-day SLA

8-hour SLA

Priority ticket routing

Frequently asked questions

The number of products that can be assigned to BackOrder is limited according to your subscription plan. We provide 4 plans so that you can choose the one most suitable for your business.

We offer a free plan forever with 1 assigned product. If you need to assign more products to keep selling when they are out of stock, please select a paid plan.
You will be charged a subscription fee corresponding to your selected plan for each billing cycle.

When you upgrade, you will be immediately charged a prorated amount for the partial billing cycle period that you are going to be using the new plan. Also, the number of assigned products will be expanded to you immediately.
When you downgrade, you will retain your old plan until the end of your billing cycle. At that point, you will be moved to the new plan.

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