How Can Ecommerce Merchants Deal With Bicycle Shortage in 2021?

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According to Ira Kargel from Gears Bike Shop, Toronto, the demand for bicycles has witnessed a reduction recently. However, the eCommerce merchants have faced that the demand outweighs the supply. Why is there a bicycle shortage? You may have a lot of concerns when experiencing this unprecedented situation. Today we will help you to find the answers to this awkward circumstance, and establish some recommendations to solve the bicycle shortage in 2021.  The current Bicycle Shortage situation Why Is There A Bicycle Shortage? The pandemic has been widespread on the global scope that makes the transportation, logistics, shipping struggle. While the demand for bicycle and related parts have not increased, the merchants have still been confronted with the continuous shortage as they can not access stock due to the lockdown and social distancing all over the world.  The transportation and shipping services are frozen and they can deliver the bicycles and other parts to your warehouses. As a result, the products can not arrive as scheduled and cause a bicycle shortage.  How Does Bicycle Shortage Impact Your Business? There are many obstacles your business will face when there is a bicycle shortage. Firstly, you may not have enough stocks to meet the demand. A lot of customers want to buy, but they can purchase as they want so they may feel disappointed, leave your eCommerce stores and buy from your competitors. Therefore, you will lose a big source of revenue and reputation.  Secondly, the scarcity will boost the price up, the bicycle sellers may need to pay more for stock receiving. Then, the bicycle becomes more expensive and the buyers may not be satisfied. Therefore, you can not sell more because many customers can not afford the price.  What Are The Solutions? Backorder  When the stocks can not arrive as scheduled, your customers may need to wait a long time to buy bicycles. A long waiting time can make the customers become impatient and quit purchasing. That is why you should use backorder.  Backorder allows buyers to purchase products although they are unavailable. BackOrder on Bigcommerce platforms may be a supportive companion for you. You only need to pre-set items as back-ordered ones, whenever they are out of stock, the buyers can preorder them. Next, the customers only need to stay at home, wait for the delivery and track the process by email notifications. Finally, on a particular day, they can receive the shipment like normal. If you are a BigCommerce merchant struggling with bicycle shortage, try the app now: The app allows customers to purchase more than is currently in stock. Find Domestics Suppliers International logistics has faced a lot of hardship because a lot of countries need to close and protect themselves from the pandemic. Due to the limited access to international suppliers, the eCommerce merchants should focus on domestics suppliers to ensure a stable stock flow. Moreover, the cooperation with different domestic suppliers will reduce the risks of bicycle shortage as the total products from many suppliers may fulfill your customers’ demand.  Conclusion The pandemic has hurt global logistics and the bicycle stocks can not be supplied to meet the needs of people all over the world. We hope that after reading this article, you can understand the current situation, choose your solution and rescue your eCommerce business from this crisis.

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