Online Consumer Behaviour Trends in 2021

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The eCommerce industry is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Online consumer behaviour is also altered over time. Monitoring and incorporating the latest e-commerce trends will help you stay ahead of the competition and provide more value to your visitors. Machine Learning and Automation Machine learning and automation empower customers to have a seamless and personalised shopping experience. AI offers tailored guidance and recommendations to shoppers based on their past purchase history and browsing behaviour.  Machine learning and AI analyze data and showcase products that are more likely to be purchased. Implementing automation into your eCommerce store will help you increase the conversion rate, run more relevant marketing campaigns, improve in-house operational efficiencies and make more informed decisions.  Moreover, this technology helps improve your customer service. Automated problem-solving solutions are the key to streamlining the sales process, which can be efficiently done with AI. Integrating AI into CRM will let you get in touch with your customers and predict online consumer behaviour. If you are BigCommerce merchant, Atom8 is the ultimate automation tool that solves your business problems and significantly boosts up your profit! Explore here: Atom8 will greatly enhance customer experiences thanks to AI. Social Shopping The number of social shoppers is increasing rapidly. The goal of social shopping is to encourage people to make more purchases via social and turn them into brand champions/evangelists who are willing to back your brand. Promoting brands socially needs to be done very carefully as it can impact online consumer behaviour. You have to ensure you do not spam your followers or prospects while driving social purchases. There are many smart marketing techniques e-commerce companies can use to promote social shopping, such as mass marketing via messenger, chatbots, quizzes, user-generated content, shoppable feeds and one-click purchases and socially integrated shops. Social shopping is more about creating experiences  RFID Inventory Tracking Delivering compelling experiences in both the online and offline world is important to keep the customers engaged. Retailers are filling the gap between online and in-person shopping by converting their brick and mortar stores into smart stores. One solution for this is the IoT strategy using RFID.  RFID tags are used to collect data and generate analytics about inventory and customer interactions. Furthermore, customers today often use one-click checkouts. Therefore, retailers with RFID checkouts deliver quicker checkout for it reads all the items in the basket simultaneously. In other words, RFID technology helps retailers create a smarter digital store, especially in inventory management.    Visual Search Images are the key to shopping online. A visual search allows users to carry out an online search based on images. A new trend in online shopping behaviour is to use an image rather than text to search for the product. With visual searches, relevance becomes more essential. Hence, you should take into account that suggesting products that are nowhere close to the image will damage your reputation. Contactless Shopping This is a new trend as a result of COVID-19. Contactless shopping is a retail experience that maintains the minimum level of physical interaction. There are many ways consumers can do contactless shopping, such as catalogue shopping, eCommerce, mobile payments, curbside pick-up, checkout-free retail. These are some of the trends of 2021 that you can leverage to provide a better experience to the customer and stay ahead of the competition.  

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