Best customer retention strategies after Black Friday

As considered to be one of the biggest shopping weekends in a year, it is easy to understand that plenty of plans will be involved to best optimize and boost sales during this season. However, after this, you will have to be prepared for Christmas and New Year, so are yet free, there is still a lot of work left to handle, one of them is to make sure you’re retaining traffic and customers? In this article, we will list out some of the best customer retention strategies after Black Friday.   Send follow up emails & ask for reviews Email marketing is one of the most effective methods that you can use for shoppers online. However, these might be considered personal data so users will be more selective to hand over. As a matter of fact, be sure that you have a visible email signup box on your site too. In addition, offer them discounts and free shipping or free wrapping if they sign up. This helps you to retain their info for future marketing use. Now you’ve got all those important email addresses, make sure to take advantage of that usefully or else sooner or later, you will be transferred to the spam category.  Don’t send an unnecessary volume of emails that will ultimately lead to the customer unsubscribing from your list completely. Instead, follow up after a successful order has been made to ask for the reviews. Reviews are a fantastic way of boosting sales, without spending too much money. Reviews or using an impartial reviewing site, a wealth of positive reviews can be one of the best ways to maintain a healthy ROI. However, if you find email to each and every customer might be tiring and exhausting, Atom8 can do it for you. This app allows you to group customers by purchase behavior and then send email via Mailchimp/Klaviyo. You can discover the app here if you’re BigCommerce merchant: The app helps you save hours of working and increase productivity.   Stay active on social media This step is essential once you spend a big amount of money on social media ads for Black Friday. Stay active by regularly posting content, new products, future promotions and anything else you think your followers might be tuned into. By doing this, you can save yourself a lot of time. If you can combine the right strategy and customer engagement plan, social media can become your best sales channel.   Analysis and dig into data Never forget to take a look back and disregard any data you have from the previous period. From there, you can see and figure out lots of valuable and precious information, such as which products are more preferred, a particular time of day where your audience is most likely to checkout or you may be able to validate the structure of your website by viewing which devices your customers use to browse. Analyze and analyze, keep breaking all data into pieces then merge them, you will then find a perfect plan for the upcoming season. Above are some practical customer retention strategies after Black Friday that you can utilize and apply to your business. Rather than targeting new consumers, if you can retain your old customer, you will save yourself a lot of money and boost sales.

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