Marketing Automation Benefits for Online Businesses

marketing automation benefits for online businesses

Among efforts to digitize businesses, eCommerce marketing automation is probably the fastest emerging trend. In general, automation platforms enhance marketing efficiency while releasing the pressure to personalize the experience for every customer.  In this article, we discuss how marketing automation has helped online stores accelerate their operational performance.  What is marketing automation? Marketing automation is the integration of automation software into a business’ promotion effort. This application can effectively solve repetitive tasks such as personalizing each email, uploading social media management posts, or generating data on a spreadsheet.  The technology allows for streamlining information from the first touchpoint to nurture your potential customers and take care of them post-purchasing. By taking over manual tasks, automation software offer marketers more time to think through high-quality content and out-of-the-box solutions for the business.  A lot of studies have been conducted to examine the effectiveness of email marketing. Interestingly, the results are all positive: Marketing automation helped 76% of marketers increase their ROI within a year 80% of others report a surge in lead generation after incorporating automation Automated marketing increases the conversion rate by 15-20%  How can these figures be achieved? Let’s look at the way marketing automation benefits online businesses. How does marketing automation benefit your business? Increase marketing efficiency Marketing automation can post social media content on your behalf every day according to the predetermined timeline. You no longer need to pay attention to the publishing process anymore. It also reduces error when you operate on multiple platforms, each of which has a distinctive content goal. Additionally, your staff can launch your nurture email, run ad campaigns and post a blog on the same app, making the work less confusing and more time-efficient.  Improve lead conversion and ROI Marketing automation tools help you track your conversion rate and manage your leads more effectively. Since being stored in a single platform, your leads will be scored consistently based on common criteria to generate better quality lists. At the same time, the platform allows for easy extraction of data for personalization and retargeting effort, which helps foster your ROI. Enhance alignment between the marketing and sales objectives Integrating your marketing and sales effort on the same platforms can help tighten your marketing and sales team. This is because the apps allow you to set consistent scoring parameters and definitions of qualified leads. They also automatically convey notifications within and between the teams, thereby reduces miscommunication and increases efficiency.  Foster a concrete omnichannel overview Reporting is no longer a daunting task with the use of automation. It is always possible to ask the platform to extract reports on any channel.  Thanks to the huge data stored in the system, automation apps can give you an accurate overview of your overall process. This will free you from scanning through a lot of data points and focus immediately on critical points.  Marketing automation with Atom8 Atom8 is a workflow automation platform designed exclusively for BigCommerce merchants. Besides order categorization and inventory management, the app is extraordinarily beneficial for your marketing activities.  For example, once a customer orders an item, you often have to label it based on address and order size and notify your staff about this placement. Additionally, you can create another marketing workflow that runs simultaneously with these activities. After being installed, Atom8 will send a confirmation email tailored to your customers without you having to rewrite it. This will save you a lot of time and free your mind from worrying about trivial tasks. Now it’s not just me who is promoting marketing automation. More than 75% of companies are operating with marketing automation these days. So incorporate one, or else you might risk lagging behind your competitors.  

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