Top inventory management techniques to implement in 2021

Top inventory management techniques

Inventory Management is a way of controlling and tracking the inventory orders, their storage, and usage. Inappropriate inventory management leads to the working capital crunch, increase in storage cost, more idle time. Consequently, it causes waste of labor resources, supply disruption, leading to unsatisfied customers, and sales reduction. Therefore, following inventory management techniques is unavoidable […]

Essential eCommerce strategy for this Mother’s Day

Essential eCommerce strategy for this Mother's Day

With online shopping, the e-Commerce retailers with good infrastructure are in a good position to offer this Mother’s Day some action. There are plenty of products, and they can be made special with an eCommerce strategy. The enthusiasm need not die as Covid-19 is high. There are reasons to celebrate and the eCommerce market is […]

Integrate Workflow Automation into eCommerce Stores

a man at a book store which needs workflow automation

The eCommerce industry is a thriving one with a worth of over $3.4 billion. This market will continue to grow given current opportunities. A smart way to get a firm grip on such a competition is to integrate workflow automation in your web store. eCommerce websites operate all-round the clock. You can process orders every […]

How to reduce inventory holding cost

How to reduce inventory holding cost

Any small business owner understands that an increase in demand means something good. It is a sign that you are making progress and customers are noticing you. However, it comes with higher overheads and costs, especially if you have small storage. To increase your growing inventory, you need to a significant amount of cost. Therefore, […]

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