Top BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Templates for 2024

bigcommerce abandoned cart email templates

Online stores have a big problem – many customers put items in their shopping cart but then leave the website without buying anything. This is called an “abandoned cart” and it means the store misses out on selling those items. However, there are ways to reduce how often this happens. This article will explain the top BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates and best practices to get customers to complete their purchases.  Common Reasons for Cart Abandonment There are several common reasons why customers abandon their online shopping carts before purchasing. Things like unexpected fees at checkout, website glitches, or being forced to create an account can frustrate customers and make them reconsider buying. Top BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Templates for 2024 Are you unsure how to create email messages to send to customers who abandoned their online shopping carts? Don’t worry, we have some good examples to help inspire you. Below are some high-quality BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates you can use as a guide. Blu Dot’s Abandoned Cart Recovery Email – Using Intrigue and Interactivity Blu Dot’s abandoned cart email uses intriguing elements and interactivity to draw the customer back in. The header image and simple text + call-to-action button create a sense of obligation for the shopper to complete their purchase. The email reassures the customer that their cart items are still saved and available. It prominently shows the product image as a visual reminder.  Nomad Gear’s Abandoned Cart Email – Using a “What Happened?” Approach Among the BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates, this abandoned cart email from Nomad Gear tries to grab the customer’s attention by using a provocative “What happened?” type of subject line and opener. It’s like if someone shouted that phrase – you’d likely stop and take a second look. Whiskey Loot Abandoned Cart Email Template – A Benefits-Driven Approach This abandoned cart email from Whiskey Loot takes a different tack than just focusing on the product itself. Instead, it highlights the benefits the customer will get by completing their purchase. Rather than pushing the sale, the email copy emphasizes the advantages of going through with the order you started. Using a humorous, on-brand voice helps create a memorable message. Abandoned Cart Email Template by Headspace Headspace’s abandoned cart email keeps things simple yet effective – relying on clean graphics, a funny and relatable tone, and a single prominent call-to-action button to do the trick. Rather than an elaborate design, this streamlined email demonstrates that sometimes simplicity is the best approach for recovering abandoned carts and getting customers to complete their purchases. Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Template by Peel Peel’s abandoned shopping cart email aims to address any lingering doubts or hesitations that caused the customer to abandon their purchase initially. While not every abandoned cart can be recovered, alleviating common concerns through emails can help persuade some customers to return and complete their checkout process. Beardbrand’s Abandoned Cart Email – Showing Plain Text Can Be Powerful This plain text email from Beardbrand demonstrates that a simple, well-written copy can be just as effective as visuals for recovering abandoned carts. Despite its lack of graphics or formatting, the messaging hits the mark so well that supporting visuals aren’t really needed. It’s a prime example of how nailing the right tone and wording in your abandoned cart emails can make up for a lack of design elements. Doggyloot Cart Recovery Email This abandoned cart email from Doggyloot will catch any pet owner’s eye. While the visual design is simple, the written copy really stands out. Phrases like “don’t let these deals run away” and “fetch your items” cleverly use pet-related language that adds a fun, contextual element. For pet parents, these playful details make the email very compelling when trying to recover an abandoned cart purchase. Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices Send abandoned cart emails promptly Treat your BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates as an important sales and customer retention tool. Personalizing the emails and sending them promptly are key to getting people to complete their purchases. Follow these best practices: Send Within 24 Hours Send the abandoned cart email within 24 hours while it’s still fresh in the customer’s mind. List the items they left in their cart and recommend complementary products. Mention any special offers or discounts. Keep it Simple Use a clean, simple email design that clearly shows the purpose and has an eye-catching call-to-action button. Tailor the content to the customer’s interests. Personalize Subject Line and Copy Emails with personalized subject lines get 26% higher open rates. Personalize using the products left in their cart. Use Engaging Product Images High-quality images get customers excited about buying. Accurately represent the product and consider labeling items as “Low Stock” to create urgency. Include a Clear Call-to-Action Use an attention-grabbing headline and a clear, direct CTA like “Complete Your Purchase” or “Get Your Order Now.” Create a sense of urgency with a deadline/countdown. Provide an Incentive Offer discounts, free shipping, exclusive deals, or giveaways to overcome whatever hesitation caused the abandonment. Incentives make customers feel they’re getting a great value. Recommend Additional Products Use the email to cross-sell similar products or upsell upgraded versions. Product recommendations may help the customer find a better fit than what was originally abandoned. Highlight Social Proof In your BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates, include positive reviews, ratings, or user photos/videos to increase credibility and show that others love the products. Offer Support Use analytics to determine why the customer abandoned their cart and provide personalized support if needed, like clarifying checkout issues. A/B Test Emails Try different versions with varied subject lines, images, copy etc. Split test with segments of your email list to see which performs best. Track Results Monitor metrics like open rates, click-throughs, time spent reading, and conversions. Optimize underperforming elements until you achieve your goals. Find the right software – Atom8 One of the best abandoned cart email best practices is to find the right automation software, like Atom8 for BigCommerce stores. Atom8’s

Skip the Search! Reorder from BigCommerce Order History

reorder order history bigcommerce

In the dynamic world of business-to-business e-commerce, efficiency is not only desired but also necessary. Simplifying the reordering process is crucial for companies that handle large orders and recurring transactions. Leading e-commerce platform BigCommerce recognizes this need and provides an effective remedy: Reorder order history BigCommerce. By letting customers quickly refill past orders straight from their order history, this functionality enables businesses to streamline their operations. With an emphasis on improving B2B operations, we will go over the many advantages of utilizing this feature in this comprehensive guide, along with thorough explanations of how to do so. The Benefits of Reorder Order History BigCommerce How to make Reorder order history BigCommerce effectively?  In the dynamic world of e-commerce, streamlining the reorder process from BigCommerce Order History is essential for maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here are some key strategies to make the most out of this feature: Streamlining Reorders: GritGlobal’s Atom8 B2B Transforms BigCommerce Order History In the realm of e-commerce optimization, integrating the Atom8 B2B – BigCommerce Wholesale App, crafted by the expertise of GritGlobal, with reorder from BigCommerce order history feature represents a significant stride towards enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. This integration serves as a cornerstone for businesses aiming to streamline the reorder process, offering a wealth of functionalities designed to elevate the convenience and effectiveness of reordering from past orders. Atom8 B2B’s sophisticated capabilities seamlessly merge with bigcommerce’s robust platform, creating a symbiotic relationship that empowers businesses to revolutionize their reorder workflows. By harnessing Atom8 B2B’s advanced features, such as real-time data synchronization and comprehensive order management tools, companies can provide customers unparalleled access to their order history. This enables customers to revisit past purchases and instantly initiate reorder requests effortlessly. Furthermore, integrating with GritGlobal’s Atom8 B2B extends beyond mere transactional convenience. It encapsulates a holistic approach towards enhancing the overall customer journey. Through personalized order history displays, intuitive user interfaces, and tailored reordering options, businesses can elevate the reordering experience from a mundane task to a seamless and enjoyable interaction. This fosters customer satisfaction and cultivates brand loyalty, as customers develop a more profound affinity towards businesses that prioritize their convenience and preferences. Wrap up To effectively implement this feature, businesses should provide comprehensive order confirmation and tracking information, customize the order history display, and ensure that the reorder option is prominently displayed and easily accessible to customers. If you need further assistance or guidance in implementing these strategies, don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 Examples for BigCommerce Welcome Emails

bigcommerce welcome emails

After signing up for a mailing list, 8 out of 10 customers expect to receive a welcome email. This is a big untapped chance to reach out to your new subscribers who have just shown interest. Turn those new subscribers into long-term customers by sending meaningful welcome emails. We’ve picked some of the best examples for BigCommerce welcome emails to inspire your own email marketing efforts. What is a Welcome Email? A welcome email is an automatic message sent to new subscribers or customers. Its goal is to acknowledge their sign-up and introduce your company. It’s often the first in a series of welcome emails that guide new users, showcase your products and services, and encourage further engagement. One major benefit is that it provides a consistent experience for everyone new to your brand. Every person who signs up for your newsletter receives the same introductory message.  Why are Welcome Emails so Important? Welcome emails provide long-term benefits, including: How to Optimize your Welcome Email Follow these tips to make your BigCommerce welcome emails useful and get subscribers to start engaging with you. Send your welcome email right away Welcome emails sent in real-time get up to 10 times better results than emails sent a day or even a few hours later. Start communicating with your new subscribers while they are still thinking about you. Include branded images Use branded, visually appealing images that reinforce your brand identity across all channels. While default confirmation emails merely state facts like “Your subscription is confirmed,” welcome emails should have a warm, conversational tone that connects with new subscribers on a personal level.  Consistency in design and messaging not only strengthens brand recognition but also helps foster engagement and guides subscribers towards making a purchase. Ask the subscriber to take action You don’t have to make a big request, like asking them to fill out a huge preference form. Instead, invite subscribers to take the next small step with you. That could be checking out your products or making a low-effort request, such as answering a one or two question survey, which gives you data for segmenting and targeting later on. Start tracking email engagement right away to prevent inactivity New subscribers can quickly lose interest within days or weeks. Divide your new subscribers into groups, and see who is opening and clicking emails and who isn’t. For anyone who didn’t open or click your first few emails, resend the welcome email or send a follow-up asking if they’re having issues with the emails or website. Rename your welcome email to match your desired outcome Your BigCommerce welcome emails should do more than just welcome new subscribers. It should encourage them to take actions that provide value to your business, like making their first purchase or creating an account. This means your “welcome email” could become a “first-purchase email” or an “upgrade email.” You can still include a welcome greeting. But renaming it forces you to think strategically about what you want this email to achieve. That will then guide the email’s design and content. Provide opt-in incentives and rewards in the welcome email If you offer a discount, free item or other incentive in exchange for the email address, include it in the welcome email. To be honest, it’s too easy for someone to give you a fake email, get the incentive from a thank-you page on your site, and leave. Use that page to just confirm their sign-up instead. Notify them to check their inbox for the special welcome email containing important information and their goodies. Use the Atom8 Automation app Grit Global has introduced Atom8, which is a BigCommerce automation  app that allows you to automatically send notification emails when a new account is created. Additionally, you can set it up to send emails to specific customer groups via integrations with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or Sendgrid. Leverage these automated workflows to ensure a timely and personalized welcome experience for your new subscribers. Moreover, if customers don’t place orders within x days after registering, automatically send an engaging email showcasing new products or promotions. This timely outreach incentivizes purchases. Additionally, notify your customer service team to personally follow up, providing exceptional care and increasing conversions. 5 Examples for BigCommerce Welcome Emails Get-to-know-you email If you keep your sign-up form short, your welcome email can help gather insights about your audience. Use it to find out what subscribers want, like the types of content they’re interested in or how often they’d like to receive emails. This valuable information can inform your strategy, and also shows your audience you care about meeting their needs. The example welcome newsletter below takes this simple, friendly approach. Self-introduction New visitors may not know all about your business yet. Your welcome emails should reinforce what makes your offering valuable and confirm you’re the right choice for them. This effective welcome email example from TravelSupermarket strikes the right balance. It presents the perks customers get from using their services while also setting expectations about future emails. Personalized welcome message To make your introduction as relevant as possible for each new contact, you can customize the email content based on what you know about them. For example, Zapier adjusts their welcome email after someone registers based on how that person signed up, making the message as useful as it can be. Video greeting A short video introducing your business brings it to life in a way that text alone cannot. This could be a message from your founder putting a face to the brand and sharing your story, or clips demonstrating your product. Alternatively, you can use an animated GIF in the email to convey your brand’s personality. BarkBox does this effectively in their welcome email: Product showcase For businesses trying to turn potential customers into buyers, BigCommerce welcome emails are an opportunity to showcase your best products so they can’t resist browsing. Highlight your flagship product or promote top-selling and new items. See how Perch

Top 3 BigCommerce Out of Stock Notication App in UK

bigcommerce out of stock notification

Out-of-stock notification apps stand as beacons of hope, bridging the gap between supply and demand by keeping customers informed and engaged when products are temporarily unavailable. Today, we delve into the realm of BigCommerce out of stock notification apps, exploring the top three solutions in the UK market and uncovering how they empower merchants to navigate the complexities of inventory management with ease and efficiency. Overview of BigCommerce Out of Stock Notification Before diving into the top three apps, let’s understand the importance of out-of-stock notifications in e-commerce. When products are unavailable, customers may feel disappointed or frustrated, potentially leading them to abandon their purchase or seek alternatives elsewhere. BigCommerce out of stock notification apps mitigate these risks by allowing customers to subscribe to alerts for specific products. The app automatically notifies subscribed customers once the desired item is back in stock, keeping them engaged and informed. Now, let’s explore the top three apps in this category. Top 3 BigCommerce Out of Stock Notification Apps in the UK BackOrder: Streamlining Out-of-Stock Notifications BigCommerce BackOrder, developed by GritGlobal, offers a robust solution for managing out-of-stock notifications within stores. Seamlessly integrated with the platform, this application simplifies setting up and overseeing notifications. Customers have the option to subscribe to email alerts for out-of-stock products. Once items are replenished, BackOrder automatically notifies customers, encouraging them to finalize their purchases. Key Features: Back in Stock: Enhancing Customer Engagement Back in Stock is a premier choice for merchants seeking robust BigCommerce out of stock notification solutions. This app boasts a user-friendly interface and powerful features designed to inform customers about product availability. Merchants utilizing BigCommerce can leverage Back in Stock to customize notification emails and segment their customer base, enhancing engagement and conversion rates. Key Features: Notify me !: Driving Customer Loyalty Notify me ! is a feature-rich out of stock notification app designed to streamline inventory management and enhance customer loyalty. This app offers quick setup, real-time inventory updates, and advanced targeting options, making it a valuable asset for merchants looking to optimize their BigCommerce out of stock notification strategies. Key Features : Enhance BigCommerce Out of Stock Notifications with Grit Global Integrating Grit Global product into your store can revolutionize how you manage BigCommerce out of stock notifications. With its advanced features and seamless integration with BigCommerce, Grit Global’s solution provides timely alerts to customers when products are out of stock, helping to minimize frustration and improve user experience. By leveraging Grit Global’s technology, UK-based BigCommerce merchants can ensure that their customers stay informed about product availability, increasing customer satisfaction and potentially higher conversion rates. Wrap up In summary, for merchants in the UK, selecting the right BigCommerce out of stock notification app is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and maximizing sales opportunities. Among the top contenders are Back in Stock, BackOrder, and Notify Me!, each offering unique features tailored to enhance user engagement and streamline inventory management. Merchants can track notification engagement and conversion rates, enabling data-driven decision-making for continuous optimization of out-of-stock notification strategies. Whether enhancing customer engagement, automating processes, or gaining valuable insights, BigCommerce out of stock notification apps offer indispensable tools for UK merchants looking to stay ahead in today’s competitive e-commerce landscape. Contact us if you need help finding the best choice for your business.

BigCommerce: Assign Staff & Own Every Order

assign staff

Every click, every purchase, and every shipment represents a crucial interaction between merchants and customers. With the rise of online shopping, businesses face increasing pressure to streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition. Recognizing the pivotal role of order management, BigCommerce, a leading e-commerce platform, introduces a game-changing feature: Assign Staff & Own Every Order.  This innovative feature allows merchants to delegate order management tasks to specific staff members, empowering teams to take ownership of the entire order fulfillment process. From processing orders to coordinating shipments and managing customer inquiries, Assign Staff & Own Every Order provides a centralized platform for collaboration, communication, and accountability. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of BigCommerce’s Assign Staff & Own Every Order feature, exploring its benefits, functionalities, and best practices for implementation. Overview of Assign Staff BigCommerce, a leading e-commerce platform, understands this necessity and offers a robust Assign Staff & Own Every Order feature. This innovative functionality empowers merchants to delegate order management tasks to specific staff members, giving them clear ownership and accountability over every order fulfillment process. Businesses can streamline their workflow by assigning dedicated staff to handle orders, ensuring that tasks are efficiently distributed and completed. This enhances operational efficiency and fosters a culture of collaboration and teamwork within the organization. With Assign Staff & Own Every Order, merchants can leverage their team members’ unique skills and expertise, assigning tasks based on individual strengths and availability. This strategic allocation of responsibilities helps to optimize resource utilization and prevent bottlenecks in the order processing pipeline. Additionally, the feature facilitates effective communication among team members, allowing for seamless coordination and alignment of efforts towards common goals. Benefits of Using the Assign Staff & Own Every Order Benefits of Using the Assign Staff & Own Every Order feature: The Ways to Improve BigCommerce: Assign Staff & Own Every Order BigCommerce Wholesale App – Atom8 B2B: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Staff Assignment The BigCommerce Wholesale App, powered by Atom8 B2B, developed by GritGlobal, emerges as a robust solution tailored to meet the demands of modern businesses. This integration is a comprehensive assistant, empowering merchants to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. At the core of this integration lies the ability to assign staff members to various tasks within wholesale operations. Whether it’s order processing, inventory management, or customer communication, Atom8 B2B facilitates the precise allocation of responsibilities, ensuring that each aspect of the wholesale process is meticulously overseen. Furthermore, Atom8 B2B facilitates seamless communication among team members, enabling effective collaboration and coordination. Whether clarifying order specifications, addressing customer inquiries, or resolving issues, the integration ensures that everyone involved in the wholesale process stays informed and aligned. Atom8 B2B integration is the ultimate assistant for efficient staff assignment in wholesale operations. Combining robust features with user-friendly functionality empowers merchants to optimize their processes, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional service to their wholesale customers. Wrap up In conclusion, the BigCommerce Assign Staff & Own Every Order feature provides merchants a powerful tool for streamlining order management, improving team collaboration, and enhancing customer satisfaction. By assigning orders to specific staff members, businesses can gain greater control over their e-commerce operations, improve accountability, and streamline workflow processes.  With BigCommerce’s Assign Staff & Own Every Order feature, merchants can empower their teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences and achieve their business goals. If you have any questions or need assistance implementing these strategies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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