Top BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Templates for 2024

bigcommerce abandoned cart email templates

Online stores have a big problem – many customers put items in their shopping cart but then leave the website without buying anything. This is called an “abandoned cart” and it means the store misses out on selling those items. However, there are ways to reduce how often this happens. This article will explain the top BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates and best practices to get customers to complete their purchases. 

Common Reasons for Cart Abandonment

There are several common reasons why customers abandon their online shopping carts before purchasing. Things like unexpected fees at checkout, website glitches, or being forced to create an account can frustrate customers and make them reconsider buying.

  • Confusing checkout process – If the checkout pages are complicated and hard to understand, customers may give up.
  • High shipping costs – Extra fees like high shipping costs are a major reason shoppers abandon their carts when the total becomes more than expected.
  • Better deals elsewhere – Customers may leave to buy from a competitor if they find a lower price or better policies like free returns.
  • Website problems – Slow loading pages, broken links, or websites that don’t work well on mobile devices can discourage purchases.
  • Not ready to buy – Sometimes the customer just wasn’t actually ready to buy yet and was just browsing.

Top BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Templates for 2024

Are you unsure how to create email messages to send to customers who abandoned their online shopping carts? Don’t worry, we have some good examples to help inspire you. Below are some high-quality BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates you can use as a guide.

Blu Dot’s Abandoned Cart Recovery Email – Using Intrigue and Interactivity

Blu Dot’s abandoned cart email uses intriguing elements and interactivity to draw the customer back in. The header image and simple text + call-to-action button create a sense of obligation for the shopper to complete their purchase. The email reassures the customer that their cart items are still saved and available. It prominently shows the product image as a visual reminder. 

Nomad Gear’s Abandoned Cart Email – Using a “What Happened?” Approach

Among the BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates, this abandoned cart email from Nomad Gear tries to grab the customer’s attention by using a provocative “What happened?” type of subject line and opener. It’s like if someone shouted that phrase – you’d likely stop and take a second look.

Whiskey Loot Abandoned Cart Email Template – A Benefits-Driven Approach

This abandoned cart email from Whiskey Loot takes a different tack than just focusing on the product itself. Instead, it highlights the benefits the customer will get by completing their purchase.

Rather than pushing the sale, the email copy emphasizes the advantages of going through with the order you started. Using a humorous, on-brand voice helps create a memorable message.

Abandoned Cart Email Template by Headspace

Headspace’s abandoned cart email keeps things simple yet effective – relying on clean graphics, a funny and relatable tone, and a single prominent call-to-action button to do the trick. Rather than an elaborate design, this streamlined email demonstrates that sometimes simplicity is the best approach for recovering abandoned carts and getting customers to complete their purchases.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Template by Peel

Peel’s abandoned shopping cart email aims to address any lingering doubts or hesitations that caused the customer to abandon their purchase initially. While not every abandoned cart can be recovered, alleviating common concerns through emails can help persuade some customers to return and complete their checkout process.

Beardbrand’s Abandoned Cart Email – Showing Plain Text Can Be Powerful

This plain text email from Beardbrand demonstrates that a simple, well-written copy can be just as effective as visuals for recovering abandoned carts. Despite its lack of graphics or formatting, the messaging hits the mark so well that supporting visuals aren’t really needed. It’s a prime example of how nailing the right tone and wording in your abandoned cart emails can make up for a lack of design elements.

Doggyloot Cart Recovery Email

This abandoned cart email from Doggyloot will catch any pet owner’s eye. While the visual design is simple, the written copy really stands out. Phrases like “don’t let these deals run away” and “fetch your items” cleverly use pet-related language that adds a fun, contextual element. For pet parents, these playful details make the email very compelling when trying to recover an abandoned cart purchase.

Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices

Send abandoned cart emails promptly

Treat your BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates as an important sales and customer retention tool. Personalizing the emails and sending them promptly are key to getting people to complete their purchases. Follow these best practices:

Send Within 24 Hours

Send the abandoned cart email within 24 hours while it’s still fresh in the customer’s mind. List the items they left in their cart and recommend complementary products. Mention any special offers or discounts.

Keep it Simple

Use a clean, simple email design that clearly shows the purpose and has an eye-catching call-to-action button. Tailor the content to the customer’s interests.

Personalize Subject Line and Copy

Emails with personalized subject lines get 26% higher open rates. Personalize using the products left in their cart.

Use Engaging Product Images

High-quality images get customers excited about buying. Accurately represent the product and consider labeling items as “Low Stock” to create urgency.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

Use an attention-grabbing headline and a clear, direct CTA like “Complete Your Purchase” or “Get Your Order Now.” Create a sense of urgency with a deadline/countdown.

Provide an Incentive

Offer discounts, free shipping, exclusive deals, or giveaways to overcome whatever hesitation caused the abandonment. Incentives make customers feel they’re getting a great value.

Recommend Additional Products

Use the email to cross-sell similar products or upsell upgraded versions. Product recommendations may help the customer find a better fit than what was originally abandoned.

Highlight Social Proof

In your BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates, include positive reviews, ratings, or user photos/videos to increase credibility and show that others love the products.

Offer Support

Use analytics to determine why the customer abandoned their cart and provide personalized support if needed, like clarifying checkout issues.

A/B Test Emails

Try different versions with varied subject lines, images, copy etc. Split test with segments of your email list to see which performs best.

Track Results

Monitor metrics like open rates, click-throughs, time spent reading, and conversions. Optimize underperforming elements until you achieve your goals.

Find the right software – Atom8

One of the best abandoned cart email best practices is to find the right automation software, like Atom8 for BigCommerce stores. Atom8’s automation workflows allow you to send perfectly timed abandoned cart emails triggered by precise cart abandonment conditions you define. 

With built-in personalization and liquid template language, you can craft highly customized recovery emails to maximize conversions. This software from Grit Global also provides comprehensive reporting so you can continually optimize your abandoned cart campaigns.

In Conclusion

Recovering abandoned carts is very important for increasing online sales. Following best practices and using great BigCommerce abandoned cart email templates like those shown here can help create effective abandoned cart campaigns. For BigCommerce stores, using a BigCommerce automation tool like Atom8 can make the process much easier. Atom8 allows you to automatically send personalized abandoned cart emails, test different versions, and track the results – all in one place. Contact us here!


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