Best Magento 2 Modules for a new eCommerce website

new ecommerce website

Building a new eCommerce website on Magento 2 is not too complicated. However, designing and developing a website that optimizes customers’ experience during peak season is not simple. Therefore, our article today will show you feasible ways to equip your websites and add more features to meet the demands and desires of employees and customers with effective Magento 2 Modules. 

Top Magento 2 Modules You Should Never Miss For New eCommerce Site

One-page Checkout

Best Magento 2 Modules for a new eCommerce website

The sky-high cart abandonment rate is always a nightmare for eCommerce business runners. There are various ways to reduce cart abandonment, one of the most effective ways is to shorten the checkout process. Therefore, the business should conduct and design a one-page checkout for their customers on their new eCommerce website. The checkout steps should include essential ones, including buyer basic information and shipping contact. Simple and fast processes help customers get successful orders without feeling tired from entering too much information and switching pages. Moreover, payment procedures should be easy to conduct and allow users to access their e-wallets or bank accounts quickly.

Mega Menu Extention

Best Magento 2 Modules for a new eCommerce website

Customer churn rate is a top headline problem for many new eCommerce websites. Therefore, Magento 2 modules have a solution that helps customers find what they need in seconds. A Mega menu is what you need to have in this situation. The main function of the mega menu is to display all the products, events, and page features to help the customers access them without spending too much time. This approach will prevent the customer from leaving the page early and thus reduce the customer churn rate significantly.

Inventory Management 

Best Magento 2 Modules for a new eCommerce website

Effective inventory management is a must in the busy business world and fast-paced selling activities. Therefore, businesses need to take advantage of inventory management extensions to keep track of stock status in real-time and update it for customers and sellers. This approach will help the sellers regulate and control the stock follow and maintain in-stock status, even in peak seasons. The customers can buy their expected items and avoid ordering out-of-stock items.

Product Recommendation

Best Magento 2 Modules for a new eCommerce website

The customers can not spend too much time discovering all of the items on our website.  Some products fit their demand, but some do not, so your eCommerce store needs to suggest things that might suit customers’ expectations. Product recommendation extension is the most effective way to match customer preference with your products. It also can enhance your upsell and cross-sell strategies to increase annual revenue and profit. Product recommendation extensions can utilize customer data from the records of customer behaviors on your website and then analyze and generate suitable suggestions for your beloved customers. They are some popular forms of product recommendations include “frequently bought together,” “you may also need,” or “bestsellers items.”

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Undoubtedly, a new eCommerce website that can add and utilize all the Magento 2 modules features we had mentioned can easily achieve sky-high revenues and expected customer satisfaction.


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