Top 10 Email Automation Workflows For Online Businesses

Top email automation workflows for online businesses

Automation email workflows are one of the powerful tools to enhance the performance of many functions in an eCommerce business. They come equipped with everything needed to provide an overall enriched customer experience. This article will outline the 10 highly effective email automation workflows that truly make a difference in your online business. What are automated email workflows and their benefits? Automated email workflows are a series of tasks involving emails set up to be sent to customers or related people. They are triggered based on a behavior of a customer or an event of the business. Once set up, these emails are sent out automatically if there is a trigger and the conditions are fulfilled.  Email automation workflows have become a strategic darling of eCommerce businesses because of their various benefits. Some of them are: Target and personalize better The workflow allows you to segment contacts into different groups, which helps you send more targeted emails to customers and increase engagement. Boost sales If you set the right formula and timing of your emails, together with quality content, you will carry out a successful lead nurturing campaign. Thus, you improve the conversion rates and gain more revenue.  Save time and money Email workflows are automatic. You only design the workflow, and it will do the work for you. You don’t need someone to click send but still works 24/7. Therefore, you can spend your time on other critical tasks and reduce your costs. Top 10 valuable email automation workflows for eCommerce businesses 1. New subscribers engagement with a welcome series Studies show that welcome emails gain nine times more clicks than emails sent when subscribers are interested in your brand or products most. When new accounts subscribe to your email list and register on your website, start engaging with them as soon as possible. A welcome email will introduce new members to your brand.  Email automation workflow ideas for engaging new subscribers: Thank you to new subscribers and introduce your social channels for them to engage with you. Promote upcoming events. Offer a discount for making the first order. Show them feature products they may be interested in. Welcome new members – Atom8 2. Account-based marketing workflow For B2B eCommerce businesses, account-based marketing (ABM) is an effective method to approach and build a partnership with this type of customer. Email automation workflow helps you carry out the campaign more effectively by grouping your target recipients based on industry, type of business or size, etc.  Email workflow ideas for ABM: Personalize by specific roles in the company. Send helpful content relating to the recipient’s role. 3. Birthday celebrations or special occasions workflow Your customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or other special events are a good time for you to start your loyalty program. The email workflow for this will improve the relationship between your business and customers. It not only makes customers feel they are special and appreciated by your business but also helps you connect with them and motivate more purchases in the future. Your email workflow should: Contain a friendly celebratory note. Offer a discount or other special perk. 4. Upsell or cross-sell automation Upsell and cross-sell emails are invaluable strategies for eCommerce businesses to continue relationships with customers. Furthermore, you may drive more sales and profit. Depending on the type of products your customers have purchased or the content they have subscribed to, you can set up product recommendation email workflows for upselling and cross-sell. Your email workflow should only send relevant items to avoid annoying your customers. 5. Cart abandonment workflow 68% of shoppers placing a product in their shopping cart abandon it. An email automation workflow will help you convert abandonment carts into your sales. Send them an email to persuade them to return and complete the transaction. Ideas for cart abandonment email workflow: Offer a discount code, free shipping, a bonus gift, etc. Include a time limitation. Cart abandonment workflow 6. Lost opportunity nurture workflow  Sometimes, a limited budget prevents online shoppers from purchasing the item they are interested in. It is a pity to lose this amount of precious sales. In this case, you can create a series of emails that offer a discount or other similar products at a lower price. 7. Inactive customer re-engagement workflow  In fact, the costs for new customer acquisition are about 5x as much as for nurturing existing ones. While every online business has a list of potential customers, some of them haven’t engaged in it for a long time. They may be shoppers who have created an account or registered their email with your website or people who have made purchases but haven’t returned. Automated email workflow can re-engage inactive customers but is not as much as a new PPC or social media ad campaign. Email workflows ideas for re-engaging inactive customers: Share delightful content to regain customers’ attention. Offer a discount or free shipping code to motivate them to make a new purchase. Announce new product features and versions to spark their interest. Survey to understand why they stop using your products. Re-engage new customers Re-engage existing customers 8. Sales pitching in a lead nurturing campaign Leads usually don’t convert into customers immediately, but they need more convincing. Automation email workflow will enhance the chance of converting leads that you are able to capture into a paying customer with no limitation of time. By understanding that your leads want to learn more on the topic of running, you can send them related content and products. When you send them useful emails, you will develop a relationship with them and will be the first on their mind as they want to buy a product. Email workflows ideas for a lead nurturing campaign: Send useful information. Offer discount or coupon code. Create a powerful CTA. 9. Out-of-stock and back-in-stock notification workflow Automated email workflows not only play an important part in your marketing efforts but also support organizational operations and other functions. In stockout events, this workflow

Automated Email Ideas For Maximum Impacts

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Email marketing is an essential customer retention tool for online business owners. However, most online retailers don’t know how to leverage automated email in their business.  Today, email marketing provides the highest performance in terms of return on investment. Because of this, most companies are contending to get the attention of their customers through their email. What is email automation? Companies use email automation to send targeted messages at selected times or based on specific actions to build personal relationships with their customers. Email marketing can boost your ROI by 4200%. With automation, it is even more effective for you can use the analytics to get your online store’s right cadence. There are numerous benefits when it comes to email automation. Some of these include: Maintain a consistent brand identity Allows you to grow your subscriber list Increases conversion rate Keep you in the mind of your customers Increase open and click-through rates Essential automated email ideas for your business Now you know the benefits of having an email marketing automation process, you need to learn how to leverage an automatic email system to get more customers. In this section, we will share 9 essential automated email ideas for your online business. Order confirmation, shipping notification A message from a store contains much more than a digital receipt. Order confirmation and shipping notification assure customers that the store has gotten their order. Furthermore, it strengthens the confidence that their product will be shipped as soon as possible. Cart abandonment Many online store owners understand how dreadful it can be when they receive notifications on cart abandonment. There are several disturbing factors that stop a customer midway through a purchase. Therefore, an automated cart abandonment email is the best way to remind them of the amazing offers they are missing. Product recommendation At times, customers find it hard to choose the right product. A product recommendation email describing the features and benefits of a product would go a long way. Most customers don’t have the time to perform rigorous research on the product of their choice. Thus, automated product recommendation emails will make it easier for them. Educational contents Automated educational content can help you build rapport with your customers. You should center the content on our brand and how you can empower them to get the best of the product. These educational content can be product use ideas, best practices, and innovative ways of doing things. Upsell offers You can get your customer to spend more by sending them an automated upsell offer email. Its ultimate goal is to increase your revenue while establishing a unique pattern of repeated purchases. Welcome email Once someone registers or signs up for your emails, make sure to send a welcome email informing them of the benefits to stay on your email list. Don’t use one welcome email; instead, create a series of welcome emails that would make the customer think about your brand. Promotion triggered by time/behavior Create promotions through email marketing that are triggered by their behavior or time. From here, you can decide which product they need most. Re-engagement Re-engagement emails allow you to reignite the interest of your customers. Some subscribers might ignore your emails at times, but creating an automated re-engagement message can help bring them back. You can offer a discount, free product, or an opportunity to win something. Ask for reviews To improve your customer service, you can use automated emails asking for reviews of products used. Based on their review, you can decide if the product is worth continuing or not. When asking for reviews, don’t forget to appreciate their honest evaluation of the item. Foster email automation with Ergo All in all, it’s undeniable that email marketing plays an important role in business development. However, a huge audience and multiple types of content can make it daunting sometimes. Therefore, businesses are turning to automated email marketing platforms.  Ergo Automation is one of the workflow automation apps that benefits personalized and behavior-based email activities. The app captures customers’ information when an order is placed, stores them in your CRM, and automatically retrieves them to use in your email campaign.  What’s more, Ergo can be integrated with email marketing tools such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo for better performance. This way, you can centralize your email marketing efforts without switching between different platforms.  Be sure to check out the app so as to boost your email marketing productivity.   

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