How Can Ecommerce Merchants Deal With Bicycle Shortage in 2021?

bicycle shortage ecommerce

According to Ira Kargel from Gears Bike Shop, Toronto, the demand for bicycles has witnessed a reduction recently. However, the eCommerce merchants have faced that the demand outweighs the supply. Why is there a bicycle shortage? You may have a lot of concerns when experiencing this unprecedented situation. Today we will help you to find the answers to this awkward circumstance, and establish some recommendations to solve the bicycle shortage in 2021.  The current Bicycle Shortage situation Why Is There A Bicycle Shortage? The pandemic has been widespread on the global scope that makes the transportation, logistics, shipping struggle. While the demand for bicycle and related parts have not increased, the merchants have still been confronted with the continuous shortage as they can not access stock due to the lockdown and social distancing all over the world.  The transportation and shipping services are frozen and they can deliver the bicycles and other parts to your warehouses. As a result, the products can not arrive as scheduled and cause a bicycle shortage.  How Does Bicycle Shortage Impact Your Business? There are many obstacles your business will face when there is a bicycle shortage. Firstly, you may not have enough stocks to meet the demand. A lot of customers want to buy, but they can purchase as they want so they may feel disappointed, leave your eCommerce stores and buy from your competitors. Therefore, you will lose a big source of revenue and reputation.  Secondly, the scarcity will boost the price up, the bicycle sellers may need to pay more for stock receiving. Then, the bicycle becomes more expensive and the buyers may not be satisfied. Therefore, you can not sell more because many customers can not afford the price.  What Are The Solutions? Backorder  When the stocks can not arrive as scheduled, your customers may need to wait a long time to buy bicycles. A long waiting time can make the customers become impatient and quit purchasing. That is why you should use backorder.  Backorder allows buyers to purchase products although they are unavailable. BackOrder on Bigcommerce platforms may be a supportive companion for you. You only need to pre-set items as back-ordered ones, whenever they are out of stock, the buyers can preorder them. Next, the customers only need to stay at home, wait for the delivery and track the process by email notifications. Finally, on a particular day, they can receive the shipment like normal. If you are a BigCommerce merchant struggling with bicycle shortage, try the app now: The app allows customers to purchase more than is currently in stock. Find Domestics Suppliers International logistics has faced a lot of hardship because a lot of countries need to close and protect themselves from the pandemic. Due to the limited access to international suppliers, the eCommerce merchants should focus on domestics suppliers to ensure a stable stock flow. Moreover, the cooperation with different domestic suppliers will reduce the risks of bicycle shortage as the total products from many suppliers may fulfill your customers’ demand.  Conclusion The pandemic has hurt global logistics and the bicycle stocks can not be supplied to meet the needs of people all over the world. We hope that after reading this article, you can understand the current situation, choose your solution and rescue your eCommerce business from this crisis.

How Can Ecommerce Merchants Deal With Plastics Shortage In 2021

The severe plastics shortage in 2021 has hurt the construction, packaging, and automotive industries, especially the small and medium-sized firms all over the world. Plastics shortage is really a problem with those companies due to many reasons. Moreover, eCommerce merchants have suffered from this issue in many aspects. We will describe the plastics shortage in 2021 in terms of the roots, its impact, and the approaches for eCommerce merchants to solve this problem. How To Tackle Plastics Shortage? Why Is There A Plastics Shortage? It can not be denied that in 2021, more and more people will stay at home. This trend has resulted in the prevailing takeaway and food storage habits, which need a lot of packaging such as plastics boxes, nylon bags, etc. Moreover, plastic is the essential input of household goods, toys, which both adults and children need a lot on social distancing days. Therefore, the demand for plastic is sky-high and exceeds the supply. As a result, a plastics shortage occurred all over the world. How Does Plastics Shortage Impact Your Business? As we have said before, plastic is a crucial material to build and manufacture other products; therefore, the shortage of plastics will cause the scarcity of bottle packaging, devices, equipment, and so on. On the other hand, a lot of customers come to your eCommerce stores and ask for plastics products but you don’t have anything left to sell. For a moment, they will leave your eCommerce stores and look for their favorite items at your competitors’ shops. You may receive many complaints and lose a lot of revenue.   What Are The Solutions? Backorder A backorder is an outstanding approach when your inventory is zero. Backorder will allow the buyers to make orders when your warehouses don’t have any goods left. If you use Bigcommerce platforms to run your eCommerce store, a great application for you is Backorder.  To apply this feature to your products, you need to do only one step: pre-set all plastics products to backorder. Then, when all the items are sold out, the backorder will be activated and the customers still can purchase products like normal. After they click the “buy” button, the remaining steps will run automatically. The purchasers only need to wait for the delivery and track it via email notifications.  Pay Attention To The Alternatives Our world is moving toward sustainable development. Plastic is known as a non-recyclable material and thus causes a lot of environmental problems. Scientists and researchers have invented and found some alternatives for plastic, like sugarcane, bamboo, organic cotton, beeswax-coated fabric, etc. Some companies have started to produce goods from those natural alternatives instead of plastics to avoid polluting the environment and deal with plastics shortages.  As an eCommerce merchant, it would be better to sell some alternative products. For example, sugarcane straws instead of plastics ones, glass boxes, bamboo vases, etc. This adjustment for your eCommerce business will help you rescue from this crisis and earn revenues. Conclusion The plastics shortage is truly a nightmare for eCommerce merchants as they lose the chance to sell a lot of products. We have drawn a picture of the plastics shortage in the world and raised some exciting approaches. We hope you can overcome this hardship with our recommendations.  

How Can Ecommerce Merchants Deal With Computer Chip Shortage in 2021?

The computer chip shortage has exploded in 2021, which is forecasted to last more than two years. This noticeable shortage can lead to real-world consequences and have detrimental effects on the global economy overall. Particularly, the eCommerce merchants also have suffered from this hardship and need some solutions to rescue eCommerce businesses from the crisis. Our article will draw a picture of the global computer chips shortage, from the causes to the effective solutions. How To Tackle Computer Chip Shortage? Why Is There A Computer Chip Shortage? The Covid-19 pandemic has attacked various countries and economies all over the world. A lot of places start to launch social distancing and people tend to stay at home. Therefore, the workplace has been moved from offline to online platforms, which need support from technical products.  To assure the effectiveness and efficiency of business productivity,  they need to buy new or upgrade smartphones, computers, laptops, etc., and thus the demand for computer chips has increased dramatically as it is the backbone of electrical equipment.  As a result, the low supply can not keep up with this rocket demand, causing a computer chip shortage on the market.  How Does Computer Chip Shortage Impact Your Business? Due to the pandemic impact, people can not go out to buy their new devices, so they choose eCommerce as a fabulous solution. The computer chip shortage can make your inventory worse no matter if your products are computer chips or electric devices. A lot of people want to buy but you have nothing to sell.  Your loyal customers become impatient and start to buy from your competitors. Also, your store will experience a considerable loss if you don’t have enough stocks in hot sale seasons. Last but not least, you will endure a heavy cost burden as the struggling logistics service and low supply will boost the price up.  What Are The Solutions? Backorder Backorder is an approach that can allow your customers to buy out-of-stock products. It can recover your revenue loss of out-of-stock items, reduce the customers’ negative impression, thus engage new customers and maintain customer relationships.  If your eCommerce stores are on Bigcommerce platforms, using the BackOrder app is a decision you won’t regret later. With the high demand, it is unpredictable to know when the computer chips are sold out so it would be better if you preset all of the items to backorder status.  Once you pre-set when those items go out of stock, the order status will switch to pre-order, so that the customers can make orders and finish as normal. The customer will receive real-time notification emails about the order process, to know when they can receive the shipment. You can discover BigCommerce BackOrder here: The app allows your customers to purchase even at 0 inventory. In Partnership With Many Suppliers We have heard the phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. That is true in this situation. To back up in case your frequent suppliers can not provide computer chips for your eCommerce stores, you should have another contact with others.  If you are afraid of complicated inventory management from various suppliers, distributors, the omnichannel software will help you. Moreover, selecting among various offers from suppliers can help you to choose the most reasonable prices. Therefore, you can avoid ballooned bills in this difficult situation.  Conclusion We have gone through some issues related to the computer chip shortage in 2021. Because the shortage still continues and we can not know when they are fulfilled, it is better to adopt our suggested solutions to your inventory management straight away. Then, you can avoid negative consequences from this deficit. 

How Can Ecommerce Merchants Deal With Global Car Chip Shortage in 2021?

The global car chip shortage has been widespread in recent years, becoming more severe in 2021, and is forecasted to continue till 2024 by Ford Europe’s Herrmann. It affects our business on a large scope, including not only the car industry but also our eCommerce activities.  Our article today will take you to go through some important points, providing the causes of the global car chip shortage, its impacts, and suggested ways to confront it.  How To Tackle Global Car Chip Shortage? Why Is There A Global Car Chip Shortage? Car chip is the essential part not only with carmakers but also with the automotive industry. The development of car and automotive equipment manufacturers and has increased the demand for car chips. However, the pandemic has put the factories into procrastination, and the number of car chips produced has dropped significantly.  Moreover, the frozen logistics activities due to the lockdown of many cities have prevented the merchants from accessing car chip stock.  How Does Global Car Chip Shortage Impact Your Business? If you sell cars, car chips, or automotive devices on your eCommerce stores, the car chip shortage will make the producers can not make cars as scheduled. Then, your suppliers can not have enough stock to provide you.  Moreover, the social distancing in the pandemic tends to make people go to eCommerce platforms to buy the products. Facing the soaring demand for those products, but the eCommerce merchants can not meet the need, causing a considerable loss in revenue. Moreover, the customers will feel disappointed if they can not have their favorite items. Therefore, your stores will lose potential and loyal customers, reducing future profits.  What are the solutions? Forecast Upcoming Demand To eliminate the car chip shortage situation, you can rely on customer behavior tracking, selling data, and some related indexes which are recorded by an automation application on your eCommerce stores. Then, you can use some econometrics to analyze or use an analytic application to find out what your customers’ preference, upcoming trends, and forecast car chips demand of purchasers. Therefore, you can enhance your inventory capacity to handle the needs. Backorder Backorder is the most effective way to deal with out-of-stock. Have you wondered how to allow customers to buy their expected items while we don’t have any product left? Backorder is a satisfactory answer.  You can use the Backorder app on the Bigcommerce platform to pre-set on your products, whenever they are sold out, the order status will turn into a pre-order one. Therefore, the buyers can order car chips or cars as normal, stay at home, keep track of the delivery by email notifications. With Backorder, you can earn profits with an empty warehouse, reduce the costs of storing stocks, and minimize the risk of deadstock.  Conclusion The global chip shortage has made the eCommerce business worse. The lucrative markets like cars, automotive equipment have become the source of loss and risk for many merchants in recent times. To reduce the awful impact and rescue eCommerce merchants from the crisis, we have suggested some robust solutions with the aim that the hurt of the global car chip shortage will be alleviated soon.

Shopping Sales Holiday Calendar For eCommerce Merchants In 2021

Shopping sales holiday calendar for eCommerce merchants in 2021

If you are looking for a 2021 holiday shopping calendar for your online business, spend little time looking at this. In this article, we’ll discuss the shopping sales holiday calendar for eCommerce merchants in 2021.   Biggest shopping holidays of the year for eCommerce merchants New Year’s Day – 1 January  This day marks the beginning of the new year or a new start to better themselves. This month is also a suitable time for people to join in a new activity or a new group because they are trying to form positive habits. Making your marketing campaign around the new year’s resolutions will be an effective plan.  Valentine’s Day – 14 February 14 February is a day celebrating love and romance for all people in the world. On this day, couples give gifts to each other to express their love. You can engage your current customers on social media or by email. Additionally, a marketing campaign with a creative message of love such as breaking limitations, etc. may be a good way to attract new customers. Don’t forget to provide your audience with gift guides and offer them any discounts if possible. Lunar New Year – 11-16 February Lunar New Year is a very important holiday in Eastern countries such as China, Southeast Asia, etc. People buy a variety of goods these days, such as food, decoration stuff, and clothes. If you make your website background stand out and fit with the time, your shoppers will be attracted. International Women’s Day – 8 March  International Women’s Day honors the females, they are your customers’ moms, friends, etc. You should accomplish this desire of your customers and design exceptional gifts for mothers. There are some other tips you can apply to increase your sales: free shipping, promote products through emails or allow personalization of products. Mother’s Day – 9 May (US & AU) / 9 March (UK) In 2021, Mother’s Day will fall on 9 March in the UK, and 2 months later in the US & AU. There is a large number of people shopping for gifts on this day, so it’s a good time for brands to increase sales.  Email marketing and social media marketing are what you should concentrate on. Moreover, it will be a shortcoming if there are no sales promotions or gift guides for your customers. Father’s Day – 20 June (US & UK) / 5 September (AU) Father’s Day is a similar day to Mother’s Day. It honors all of the fathers in the world. People often purchase gifts for their fathers to express their love and esteem.  You can use marketing channels like on Mother’s Day, but deploying something new such as free shipping or free messages delivery will be a plus for your brand in the customer’s mind. Back to school – August-September  This back-to-school day is another different season from usual under the impact of the Covid-19. However, mothers and college students still buy necessary school supplies. Thus, make sure you offer them a discount. Making a combo of stuff will encourage your customers to buy more, then increase your sales figure. Don’t forget important personal defense stuff in this epidemic environment: masks and hand sanitizer. Halloween – 31 October Halloween is the most fruitful event for spooktacular deals.  Run an online Halloween marketing campaign, generate and promote creative content on Halloween. Thanksgiving – 25 November If your target market is in the US, Thanksgiving, one of the most popular holidays to boost sales, shouldn’t be missed. Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year. On this day, people usually gather with their family and friends, have a cozy meal, and share gifts. Investing in advertising for this holiday season is the right decision. Black Friday / Cyber – 26 November / 29 November  Do you know – This is the biggest holiday in the eCommerce calendar when people shop more through the weekend.  You can encourage your customers to purchase with free shipping and eliminate additional charges from the products. Remember to kick off your campaign a few weeks in advance.  Christmas – 25 December People spend an enormous amount of money during this holiday. You can run online contests on your website and offer Christmas gifts. Offer discount coupons or gift cards, and use social media to drive traffic to your store.   Ideas to increase productivity and drive sales Shopping sales holidays require online merchants to make careful plans and preparations in advance. Remember these tips to maximize your profit during the high shopping seasons of the year: 1. On-page optimization Optimizing your page will help increase the conversion rates. Make sure your website has the best performance during these holidays so that your customers have a perfect experience with your brand. You can optimize your mobile site, pop-ups, or website messaging. Don’t forget to optimize CTAs, it may not be easy, but it is worth your effort. 2. Have a good customer service Don’t think discount programs or other promotions of sales are enough. To keep sales for the long-term, you need to provide the best customer service to make sure that they will come back with you, make further purchases in the future. Always remember that it’s easier to retain your existing customers than to find new ones. Therefore, try to maintain high service levels in these peak seasons. You know – It’s difficult but if you can, you will win your loyal customers and your competitors. 3. Avoid shopping cart abandonment with automation This is a very effective way to increase your sales. In holiday shopping seasons, shoppers often add a large number of items to their shopping cart to hunt for deals and leave before completing the transaction. If you can reduce this cart abandonment rate, you can improve your total sales. How can you do that? Don’t worry, automation can help you with the issue. You can remarket abandoned carts via automation. Integrate your store with email automation platforms such

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