How Can Ecommerce Merchants Deal With Computer Chip Shortage in 2021?


The computer chip shortage has exploded in 2021, which is forecasted to last more than two years. This noticeable shortage can lead to real-world consequences and have detrimental effects on the global economy overall. Particularly, the eCommerce merchants also have suffered from this hardship and need some solutions to rescue eCommerce businesses from the crisis.

Our article will draw a picture of the global computer chips shortage, from the causes to the effective solutions.

How To Tackle Computer Chip Shortage?

Why Is There A Computer Chip Shortage?

The Covid-19 pandemic has attacked various countries and economies all over the world. A lot of places start to launch social distancing and people tend to stay at home. Therefore, the workplace has been moved from offline to online platforms, which need support from technical products. 

To assure the effectiveness and efficiency of business productivity,  they need to buy new or upgrade smartphones, computers, laptops, etc., and thus the demand for computer chips has increased dramatically as it is the backbone of electrical equipment. 

As a result, the low supply can not keep up with this rocket demand, causing a computer chip shortage on the market. 

How Does Computer Chip Shortage Impact Your Business?

Due to the pandemic impact, people can not go out to buy their new devices, so they choose eCommerce as a fabulous solution. The computer chip shortage can make your inventory worse no matter if your products are computer chips or electric devices. A lot of people want to buy but you have nothing to sell. 

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Your loyal customers become impatient and start to buy from your competitors. Also, your store will experience a considerable loss if you don’t have enough stocks in hot sale seasons. Last but not least, you will endure a heavy cost burden as the struggling logistics service and low supply will boost the price up. 

What Are The Solutions?


Backorder is an approach that can allow your customers to buy out-of-stock products. It can recover your revenue loss of out-of-stock items, reduce the customers’ negative impression, thus engage new customers and maintain customer relationships

If your eCommerce stores are on Bigcommerce platforms, using the BackOrder app is a decision you won’t regret later. With the high demand, it is unpredictable to know when the computer chips are sold out so it would be better if you preset all of the items to backorder status. 

Once you pre-set when those items go out of stock, the order status will switch to pre-order, so that the customers can make orders and finish as normal. The customer will receive real-time notification emails about the order process, to know when they can receive the shipment. You can discover BigCommerce BackOrder here:

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The app allows your customers to purchase even at 0 inventory.

In Partnership With Many Suppliers

We have heard the phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. That is true in this situation. To back up in case your frequent suppliers can not provide computer chips for your eCommerce stores, you should have another contact with others. 

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If you are afraid of complicated inventory management from various suppliers, distributors, the omnichannel software will help you. Moreover, selecting among various offers from suppliers can help you to choose the most reasonable prices. Therefore, you can avoid ballooned bills in this difficult situation. 


We have gone through some issues related to the computer chip shortage in 2021. Because the shortage still continues and we can not know when they are fulfilled, it is better to adopt our suggested solutions to your inventory management straight away. Then, you can avoid negative consequences from this deficit. 


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