How To Deal With Rapid Ecommerce Demand Growth

deal with rapid ecommerce demand growth

Along with widespread digital transformation and cutting-edge information technology, eCommerce demand has increased dramatically in the modern business world. Due to the unprecedented development of eCommerce demand, some new arising problems need business runners to tackle. 

Today’s article will draw some consequences of that growth and bring some practical approaches to avoid side effects. 


Demand Fluctuation And Labour Shortage During Pandemic

ecommerce demand growth

The covid-19 has attacked our world with severe disease and long-lasting social distancing. As a result, selling activities, no matter wholesalers or retailers, have suffered from various hardships. The pandemic has negatively affected our human capital, leading to a significant labor shortage and productivity reduction.

Moreover, social distancing has created plenty of barriers to active warehouses, distribution, and other activities. That’s why more and more companies expand to eCommerce platforms, leading to abnormal eCommerce demand growth. 


Automation Is The Answers

ecommerce automation

Business lack of employees has detrimental effects on productivity, revenues, and profits. There are a lot of tasks that need to be done, and an abundant process needs to be run. Here, automation can automate most of the process quickly and accurately. For instance, it can accept and fulfill orders. Sending notifications to customers instantly and supporting frequent problems are also crucial roles of automatic applications. 

The physical barriers to warehouses or brick-and-mortar stores will be deleted by the automation application. With the powerful integration and inventory management ability, business runners can connect with other platforms to do necessary tasks and connect with their partners. 

Growth With Careful Management

ecommerce management

When the number of orders increases unexpectedly in the first days of social distancing, business runners will be overwhelmed and get into trouble tackling all orders. Automatic methods will help sellers with order fulfillment and other tasks like customer services, detecting fraud orders, minimizing errors, and tracking product-related processes. With automated applications, the sellers can keep a close relationship with customers and even boost their productivity and profits in this problematic situation. 

The eCommerce demand will bring conveniences to buyers and challenges to sellers. To keep customers happy with each order, the sellers and business owners should accompany automatic applications to fill the labor shortage and enhance the buying experience.

Due to the over-purchasing, out-of-stock status is inevitable even when you possess good automatic inventory management. Therefore, sellers need to have some backup plans whenever they have nothing to sell. A lot of companies take advantage of Backorder on the Bigcommerce platform. A backorder can allow customers to purchase items even if it is unavailable as pre-order status. Then, you can prevent them from buying at your competitors’ stores and maintain satisfaction.

Standardize Shipping Process 

shipping process

It is not as difficult as you have imagined about shipping nailing. You can use the pre-built workflow to ship orders to customers or customize your one to fit a particular working style. The automatic applications can track shipping processes tightly and help you realize the possible delayed shipment, and make it arrive as scheduled. Moreover, if you sell on various markets and have a lot of distributors. Omnichannel automation will help you connect all the sources with real-time notifications and synchronized processes to manage efficiently. 

Example Workflow

ecommerce automation workflow

Here, we bring you an example workflow of Atom8 when it conducts a fraud order detection process. The formula is customers’ history analysis to predict their behaviors and then send the internal notifications to your staff responsible for these orders. 

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The rapid eCommerce demand growth has opened a lot of opportunities and threats. To take advantage of opportunities and avoid hazards, you may need to adopt our recommendations above with automatic application. We hope that you can optimize your productivity and earn a lot of profits.


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