Top BigCommerce stores: How P&G Re-introduce Gillette on Demand

Top Big Commerce stores: How P&G Re-introduce Gillette on Demand

Procter & Gamble has been successful in re-introducing Gillette on demand, thus coming up with a new element to the typical model of shaving. Along with offering regular refill deliveries, it is expected that the customers will be able to refill their orders through an on-demand option.

About P&G and Gillette

P&G has introduced the mail subscription model as early as the 1960s. As Gillette was on its way to lose the market poorly, P&G took the initiative to come up with premium shaving products. P&G turned its attention to come-up with premium products in the shaving category. By acquiring digitally- native brands, it is on its way to stay ahead in terms of ensuring consumer trends.

The challenges taken by P&G have helped in fending off the digitally native brands through several challenges. For decades, Gillette has faced a high loss in few decades. But, the initiative by P&G has helped in driving organic sales margin to a high extent. Also, it has influenced health care as well as home care industries as well.

Strict eCommerce security requirement

Being a multinational corporation, P&G has strict standards regarding security, privacy, and risk management for its systems.

The new service by P&G has helped Gillette to get itself re-introduced in the market. The highly convenient and flexible options by Gillette on-demand have provided buyers with smart choices. Also, such a great service puts them in control without the need of choosing the best among value and quality.

With a wide range of razor options ranging from Sensor 3 to Fusion ProShield, subscribers will be able to place their orders freely and flexibly. Having variable price points, making the right choice will remain no more a gigantic task. Apropos to the annual report by Procter & Gamble, the sales of global blades and razors have seen a sky rise.

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Building the new site with BigCommerce

Gillette’s new BigCommerce store took six months to complete. In particular, the site is where users will be able to come across a wide range of products. They will be able to browse smoothly, compare and make a generous selection by placing few clicks. As the e-Commerce sites remain open round the clock, subscribers will be able to access the site anytime as per their convenience. Moreover, the P&G team and their partner built a highly integrated eCommerce site, linking interconnected SaaS platforms and API together.

The initiative by P&G has proved to be a very different approach. It specializes in high-quality products that are available in a justified price range. Hence, buyers will be able to conclude with their shopping experience through high memories. There is no need to worry about getting the most suitable shaving product.

As a subscriber, you will be able to customize your schedule of delivery and set the same as per your convenience. If you prefer an as-needed option, then you will be facilitated with the option of texting about blades of your choice. P&G has turned to take into consideration the opinions of buyers to bring some exclusive changes.

In terms of customization, customers will have the flexibility to customize the desired delivery schedule that will suit their styles of grooming. You will be able to auto-set your delivery and make necessary changes at your convenience. Why not try one today?


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