Common eCommerce mistakes to avoid

ecommerce mistakes

Managing an eCommerce website is not simple and business owners can easily make mistakes. In the long run, the following common misstep can negatively affect your store in various aspects. For instance, poor experience decreases conversion rate and increases churn rate, making it hard for any business to grow and thrive.

Insufficient product and customer research

Research is very important. Before publishing an eCommerce website, make sure you properly research demand, trending products and determine your target market. Then, it is necessary to check your competitors and decide on appropriate pricing.

New business owners usually immersed themselves in trends. As a result, they might neglect research and planning. Ultimately, adequate research helps merchants evaluate profitability and facilitates a successful business launch.

Picking an unscalable platform

If you never set a scalable platform then your online business will never grow. If your website does not support multi-site and multi-tenancy, then you will not able to expand your business properly. Your website platform always needs to grow as per customers’ demand. If you will select an unsalable platform then it will be your mistake.

Cost might affect business owners’ decision to select a suitable eCommerce platform. However, it is much more efficient to use starter plans of scalable platforms and upgrade according to your growth rate. Provided that they are user-friendly, more flexible in terms of integrations, and have convenient features.

Poor-quality product page

You always need to make superior quality product pages, given that they are crucial purchase decision points. Customers always prefer fast-loading websites with attractive visuals and clear information. Therefore, optimizing product images and descriptions is essential, as they give customers a better evaluation of the product. Moreover, make sure that the purchase process is user-friendly and customers can easily access relevant policies.

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Not to mention, adding product recommendations on your product pages can help increase eCommerce AOV.

Confusing navigation

Specifically, navigation is not only adding categories and subcategories on your website menu but also how customers can move between pages and find what they need. Better navigation means that your categories are clearly labeled and appropriately divided, all pages have a menu and links to other pages and your site have a convenient search bar. Optimizing navigation can hold customers on the website longer and also increase conversion rate.

Vague or unaccessible policies and contact info

Common eCommerce mistakes new merchants can make include not putting up enough information. eCommerce websites always need simple terms and conditions and legal information. Basic information your site needs to increase eCommerce trust and accessibility are:

  • Privacy policy
  • Term of use
  • FAQs, guides, or policies regarding the buying process
  • Return, refund, or backorder policy
  • Contact information: address, email, phone number, live chat, or other social channels that customers can reach you when they need support

Lack of payment and shipping options

Customers always prefer those sites for shopping that have secure and easy payment modes and payment gateway. If your website does not include payment and shipping options properly, then it can create a bad impact on your site. Moreover, your customers might have access to or favor different shipping and payment options. Having no other options can be a barrier to purchase.

Wrap up

Check and analyze all eCommerce mistakes on your website and rectify them properly. Such mistakes need to change it helps to increase website traffic and increase profit ratio.

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If you want to enlarge your online business, then frequently you need to check your website features, analyze those features and identify those problems and solve those problems as well. This helps to generate more sales and increase more traffic. Find the best deal online and improve website features and ranking to get more traffic always.


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