Back-in-stock Notification vs. BackOrder

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What is a back-in-stock notification?

Back-in-stock notification offers customers an easy way to understand whether your products are restocked. Customers who want to buy out-of-stock products can sign up with their email so that they can be notified once the products are available. This allows companies to recover those lost sales, facilitate loyalty, and gain better insights. Besides, it helps generate a positive company image that is always willing to serve customers’ demands.

What is backorder?

When a customer places an order for a product that is currently out of stock, they will get a notification that the item is on backorder. In other words, the customer can still order but the product will arrive later in the future. Items that are on backorder can also get a notification as to when they will be back in stock. The supplier might get every receipt separately, and the customer will receive items based on the supply. A backorder can save your business in many circumstances such as: 

  • Demand increase due to seasonal trends, marketing, or urgency
  • Bad weather condition affecting transportation
  • Poor planning of delivery of the items from the supplier end
  • Problems in delivering products at the correct time

Backorders contribute to good customer service. Customers would be happy if they know that the company values them individually. 

Best practices for back in stock notification

Customers generally get disappointed if they don’t get their required product on time when they purchase or if it is out of stock. Therefore, back-in-stock notifications help increase customer satisfaction and sale potentiality.

Have a concrete restock plan 

One of the best ways is to have a good inventory plan to keep track of the right amount of inventory on the stock.    

Set up a waitlist on your site

Build a waiting list so that your customers can track the demand for the products. Give them an option to register via email in order to get informed of the time the products are back in stock. Moreover, it is very easy to install such a list. It also prevents customers from buying from your competitors. 

Create engaging email content

Engaging email content helps notify people if the products will get back in store. Keep the message short and sweet and emotional to make your customer feel that you care for them.  



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