Back-in-stock Notification vs. BackOrder

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What is a back-in-stock notification? Back-in-stock notification offers customers an easy way to understand whether your products are restocked. Customers who want to buy out-of-stock products can sign up with their email so that they can be notified once the products are available. This allows companies to recover those lost sales, facilitate loyalty, and gain better insights. Besides, it helps generate a positive company image that is always willing to serve customers’ demands. What is backorder? When a customer places an order for a product that is currently out of stock, they will get a notification that the item is on backorder. In other words, the customer can still order but the product will arrive later in the future. Items that are on backorder can also get a notification as to when they will be back in stock. The supplier might get every receipt separately, and the customer will receive items based on the supply. A backorder can save your business in many circumstances such as:  Demand increase due to seasonal trends, marketing, or urgency Bad weather condition affecting transportation Poor planning of delivery of the items from the supplier end Problems in delivering products at the correct time Backorders contribute to good customer service. Customers would be happy if they know that the company values them individually.  Best practices for back in stock notification Customers generally get disappointed if they don’t get their required product on time when they purchase or if it is out of stock. Therefore, back-in-stock notifications help increase customer satisfaction and sale potentiality. Have a concrete restock plan  One of the best ways is to have a good inventory plan to keep track of the right amount of inventory on the stock.     Set up a waitlist on your site Build a waiting list so that your customers can track the demand for the products. Give them an option to register via email in order to get informed of the time the products are back in stock. Moreover, it is very easy to install such a list. It also prevents customers from buying from your competitors.  Create engaging email content Engaging email content helps notify people if the products will get back in store. Keep the message short and sweet and emotional to make your customer feel that you care for them.    

Scale Up eCommerce Business With BigCommerce

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BigCommere is a newly emerged eCommerce platform. Yet it is trusted by a lot of merchants for multiple financial advantages to scale up your eCommerce business.   BigCommerce provides users with different pricing plans, ranging from the low-cost standard package to the premium enterprise plan. This article will discuss the benefits of BigCommerce and how it helps develop your business.  Advantages of BigCommerce Dynamic functionalities The customize filter opinion allows for contextually adding, changing, and hiding filters, helping customers to find the necessary products easily. There is also a dynamic price list. In short, this function enables merchants to personalize their product prices for different types of consumers, thus raising the salability.  BigCommerce operates in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop logic. In other words, you can create any page within minutes, quickly update your inventory, order process, and edit and delete any information you need. They also offer high-quality security with multiple payment gateways to serve the best of your customers.  Automate eCommerce processes Automation is becoming popular because it is very important to scale up an eCommerce business. These apps help save time and increase productivity. By integrating an automated solution into your system, you can handle your business without any problem.   Some of the processes that need automation the most are inventory management, order management, email marketing, customer support, and many more.  Improve website UX Two types of platforms available for hosting plans are self-hosted and paid to host. BigCommerce falls into the second category. Specifically, it takes care of your backend, so that you don’t have to build your website from scratch. Then, to attain the best-in-class customer experience, you should pay attention to your UX design. It’s always better to have someone with strong knowledge about web design to work on it. This is also beneficial should you encounter any operational issues.  What are the necessary integrations? Product information management (PIM)  This is one of the best systems that you may get with Bigcommerce. It is daunting to streamline data across platforms, should you operate on multiple channels. If you implement a PIM system within Bigcommerce, you will be able to handle all the channels very co-ordinately. You always manage to get all the information using a manual process, but PIM will easily gain more profit. Order management system To maintain a huge order quantity in your eCommerce platform, you definitely need an order management system. This system enables you to manage all the order data every day, get all the inventory update within minutes, and keep track of your stock level.  CRM  This is another system with several benefits. Customer relationship management is very essential because if you want to run your business successfully. It significantly reduces the time your customers have to wait until their inquiries are solves. It also released your staff from having to classify and store data manually. In other words, CRM paves the way for better segmentation, better customer retention, and better anticipation of needs. It protects data and privacy as well. It’s always better to scale up eCommerce business and their standard to increase more profit. You can modify, update any business process to make your business function more accurate and perfect. Find the best deal online now! Implement different functions, software, systems to get a better opportunity. 

Top Bigcommerce Stores: Skullcandy and the Change for Scalability

Top Bigcommerce Stores: Skullcandy

About Skullcandy Skullcandy Inc. is a Utah-based American firm that sells headphones, earphones, audio backpacks, MP3 players, hands-free devices, and other accessories. With headphones, earbuds, speakers, and more, you can experience life at full volume. Skullcandy is the place to go for the latest in music, culture, and audio. Born on a chairlift as the better fit for boardsports lifestyle. Nowadays, Skullcandy has become the top brand for youthful and adventurous audio consumers. The Need for an Ecommerce Boost Historically, going to market fast meant sacrificing safety. There has always been skirmished between the marketing departments and the IT. The tug of war between IT and marketing departments has made eCommerce scalability and innovation a distant dream for many established firms. It was a distant dream a few years ago. However, the development of technology had changed the possibilities for the brands. BigCommerce solved the problem of the business by giving them the SaaS technology. BigCommerce is a publicly-traded technology firm that offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce platform. Furthermore, the platform provides features appropriate for even enterprises. For instance, customer groups and segmentation, price lists, search engine optimization, site hosting, and other services are included. Before, Skullcandy was using Salesforce Commerce Cloud. When the brand recognized the need for eCommerce growth, the old platform no longer seems to be a good fit. They then explored various platforms, analyzing costs, adaptability, functionality, design, and UX. Eventually, Skullcandy decided that moving to BigCommerce will not only give them a scalable tech stack but also build a mutually beneficial partnership. Migration to BigCommerce Many companies consider launching their own eCommerce business, thanks to companies like BigCommerce that make it simple for anyone to do so. After all, if you want to generate money online, opening an eCommerce site is typically a good place to start. Your Catalog data (Products, Options, Categories, and Customers) may be transferred to your new BigCommerce store using the Catalog Transfer Application. Moreover, the guides and customer support of Bigcommerce will walk you through the guideline, which gathers important credentials for your website. This is how; you will easily migrate to BigCommerce. As for Skullcandy, they migrated smoothly to BigCommerce even with high complexity, multiple sites, and a large amount of data. Together with the new site, they launched a new brand campaign, which also turned out to be a huge success. Achievements with New Platform BigCommerce team is an expert at the operation of the new BigCommerce platform. The platform has a track record of assuring our clients’ success through smooth integrations and custom solutions. Our team has award-winning and professional eCommerce designs, which would help grow the business at a fast rate. The new platform would enable the business owners to profit greatly. There is also a team of eCommerce experts, which help you in achieving goals. The new Skullcandy site recorded increasing conversion rates by 82% and won BigCommerce’s Best New Website Design award. Due to the efforts and cooperation of the two teams, the brand experienced a 214% increase in its revenue, and orders of the Company also increased by 122%. Conclusion BigCommerce also uses SEO techniques for increasing your visibility, conversion rates, and sales rates. Business owners can also use mobile-friendly templates and themes for selling products. This is how you will achieve new milestones without any difficulty on the BigCommerce stores. So, creating a clear plan, knowing your own need, and using the right platform help to increase the conversion rates and sales of the business to a greater extent.

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