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BigCommere is a newly emerged eCommerce platform. Yet it is trusted by a lot of merchants for multiple financial advantages to scale up your eCommerce business.  

BigCommerce provides users with different pricing plans, ranging from the low-cost standard package to the premium enterprise plan. This article will discuss the benefits of BigCommerce and how it helps develop your business. 

Advantages of BigCommerce

Dynamic functionalities

The customize filter opinion allows for contextually adding, changing, and hiding filters, helping customers to find the necessary products easily. There is also a dynamic price list. In short, this function enables merchants to personalize their product prices for different types of consumers, thus raising the salability. 

BigCommerce operates in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop logic. In other words, you can create any page within minutes, quickly update your inventory, order process, and edit and delete any information you need. They also offer high-quality security with multiple payment gateways to serve the best of your customers. 

Automate eCommerce processes

Automation is becoming popular because it is very important to scale up an eCommerce business. These apps help save time and increase productivity. By integrating an automated solution into your system, you can handle your business without any problem.  

Some of the processes that need automation the most are inventory management, order management, email marketing, customer support, and many more. 

Improve website UX

Two types of platforms available for hosting plans are self-hosted and paid to host. BigCommerce falls into the second category. Specifically, it takes care of your backend, so that you don’t have to build your website from scratch. Then, to attain the best-in-class customer experience, you should pay attention to your UX design. It’s always better to have someone with strong knowledge about web design to work on it. This is also beneficial should you encounter any operational issues. 

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What are the necessary integrations?

Product information management (PIM) 

This is one of the best systems that you may get with Bigcommerce. It is daunting to streamline data across platforms, should you operate on multiple channels. If you implement a PIM system within Bigcommerce, you will be able to handle all the channels very co-ordinately. You always manage to get all the information using a manual process, but PIM will easily gain more profit.

Order management system

To maintain a huge order quantity in your eCommerce platform, you definitely need an order management system. This system enables you to manage all the order data every day, get all the inventory update within minutes, and keep track of your stock level. 


This is another system with several benefits. Customer relationship management is very essential because if you want to run your business successfully. It significantly reduces the time your customers have to wait until their inquiries are solves. It also released your staff from having to classify and store data manually. In other words, CRM paves the way for better segmentation, better customer retention, and better anticipation of needs. It protects data and privacy as well.

It’s always better to scale up eCommerce business and their standard to increase more profit. You can modify, update any business process to make your business function more accurate and perfect. Find the best deal online now! Implement different functions, software, systems to get a better opportunity. 


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