Why Should You Use BigCommerce PIM?

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BigCommerce is an emerging platform with a huge potential for small and medium businesses. The platform offers different types of tools to support your performance. It also has a range of analytics and metrics for quality improvement. If you want to create more value for your business, then a product information management (PIM) system is definitely what you need.

Save time from manual data input

Bigcommerce allows users to connect your website with other platforms such as Amazon or Facebook. This allows for promotion and advertising at a broader scope, thus increase your online visibility.  Yet processing data is a big issue. You might end up missing out on orders on the marketplace if your system is not synced together. With a PIM system, this can be easily solved.  Every business needs information such as product description, title tags, product names SKU, cost, attributes, associated digital assets, etc. Data entry takes up a lot of time. And the manual process is no longer efficient.  So PIM will be the best option. Implement a Bigcommerce PIM system for your business now!

Prevent errors and maintain sensitive data

Most companies prefer the traditional method to store their information on paper. With Bigcommerce, such a method is not enough to increase your client base. Manual update is prone to error. To avoid such problems, you can implement PIM. It will speed up your work process, prevent human error, and maintain security for sensitive data. 

Boost team collaboration with integrations

A PIM is a strong tool in the Bigcommerce platform. The tool helps centralize your distribution by connecting with all the sources and platforms. You can also sync the app with other management systems including order management, warehouse management, ERP, suppliers, among others. Complicated as it may sound, PIM can organize multiple channels easily. Using this system you can organize multiple channels easily. In other words, it helps boost team collaboration with other integrations. 

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Foundation for scalability

If you need more security in your business process, then implement this system now. The app helps increase efficiency and manage complete access as well. Access also depends on the different job responsibilities. When the PIM system increases security system, then this will increase productivity as well. There is no need to add any external sources as well.

Implement a Bigcommerce PIM system to improve productivity and increase functionality. If you want to increase your customer base, then implement this system in Bigcommerce always. It helps to reach more traffic and increase profitability as well. 



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