4 Free Inventory Management Software for Your Online Business

inventory management software free

Inventory management software is one of the most useful software available in the market. This software makes a lot of things easier for businesses. For many types of businesses—from offices to storefronts to warehouses—inventory management software makes monitoring products, tools, and assets simple. Most free inventory management software has limitations in terms of features. However, subscription options are available if you require a more complex solution. The free versions, on the other hand, are sufficient for many small firms.

How To Select the Best Free Inventory Management Software?

The only software system that was given preference that was cloud-based, user-friendly, and beneficial. The features of the inventory management software were also the main focus. The team should inspect and shortlisted the best free inventory management software.

Following we have offered the list of the best free inventory management software:

Odoo Free Inventory Management Software

Odoo is the best company that provides its inventory management app for free. The inventory app is equipped with all of the features. Its amazing features fulfill your need for basic inventory management. Odoo is a wonderful solution for warehouses and drop shippers with high-volume sales because it has no constraints on users, locations, or commodities.


  • Offers double-entry inventory management system
  • Offers automated requests for the quotes
  • Has sales and customer portal


  • Does not have customization settings

Zoho Best Inventory Management Software

Zoho Inventory offers a free plan that includes a variety of inventory capabilities. It will allow your organization to expand. Low-stock notifications, kitting and bundling options, and different connections with eCommerce systems, CRMs, and payment gateways are all available.



  • The website enforces limits on the sales and purchase of the products.

Square Inventory Management System – Free to Use and Easy to Use

Square is among the top free point-of-sale (POS) systems for small businesses and it also comes with a full suite of inventory management capabilities for an infinite number of products and users. It is ideal for retailers who want to manage inventory for free and sell in-store, online, by invoice, or on their mobile devices.


  • Syncs across various platforms such as mobile, online, and in-store sales.
  • Offers unlimited products to people.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • The platform has basic features.

Boxstorm Free Inventory Management Software

Boxstorm is a fully-featured and user-friendly interface. This platform has created by Fishbowl Inventory that connects with eCommerce and QuickBooks. It also has an eCommerce platform, which we think is great for stores.


  • Offers multiple API and integrations
  • Has great Mobile App
  • Has high-quality QuickBooks integrations


  • It has limited transactions and a short time available.


These are the top 04 free inventory management software available in the market. They offer fantastic features that benefit the owners. Go through the features of every software system and reach a decision.


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