eCommerce automation best workflows to process thousands of orders per day


Choosing an eCommerce automation application is the initial step in enhancing operation productivity, selecting robust workflows is much more critical. ECommerce businesses, especially beginners, may face obstacles in getting ideas to build suitable workflows for order fulfilment, inventory management, customer support, and so on. Therefore, we are here to bring eCommerce automation best workflows to help you handle a mass of tasks.

Handle A Mass Of Tasks With These eCommerce Automation Best Workflows

Synchronized Inventory

eCommerce automation best workflows to process thousands of orders per day

To maintain a seamless selling flow, putting a lot of effort into inventory management is a must. There are different workflows to serve different purposes of the businesses to take control of inventory. For example, if you are selling on different channels, you may need a unified system to manage inventory. In this case, synchronized inventory is the best choice as it can update and keep track of the stock status across different channels. Moreover, to ensure all the customers can get their orders on their expected dates, you may need to stream the shipping processes, and send customers real-time notifications whenever they move to the next step. Automation applications like Atom8 can handle order fulfilment and integrate with ShipStation for effective inventory management. Also, you can use eCommerce automation to forecast upcoming stock demand based on current selling data and market fluctuation and plan for the next selling season.

Instant Customer Support

eCommerce automation best workflows to process thousands of orders per day

One of the most remarkable applications of eCommerce automation workflows is to give customers instant support. A chatbot is an intelligent product which has been built based on an automation foundation. It is undeniable that hundreds of customers receive instant support from chatbots so that they can quickly proceed with their orders. Moreover, to speed up their selection process, you can take advantage of eCommerce automation workflows to classify customers based on their behaviours and lifetime spending to recommend suitable order options. 

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Pre-order Sales

eCommerce automation best workflows to process thousands of orders per day

Pre-order sales approaches play a vital role in customer retention and reducing cart abandonment. When the customer pre-orders, you should use an automation application which can integrate with some email tools to send an order confirmation, including item info and expected delivery schedules. Also, the automation tools can update and mark pre-order items as “sold” on the inventory management systems to avoid over-selling. Automation applications can help customers keep track of their delivery through real-time notification, so they will no longer forget to receive the shipment on expected dates. 

Order Fraud Detection

eCommerce automation best workflows to process thousands of orders per day

Placing orders without face-to-face approaches is sometimes unreliable as it can bring various kinds of frauds, that can bring losses to the eCommerce businesses. Therefore, the store runners need to equip suitable tools to process the detection. You can form a workflow or choose a workflow from the available library to identify high-risk orders. For example, Atom8 provides a really trustworthy workflow, which goes through continuous steps to give the most accurate results.


Are you ready to strengthen your operation with our suggested eCommerce automation best workflows above? We hope you can go smoothly on the upcoming transformation and achieve a desirable level of productivity with those workflows by Atom8.


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