Top BigCommerce Stores: How Perpetual Kid Find the Perfect Fit

Top BigCommerce stores Perpetual Kid

About Perpetual Kid The perpetual kit is a famous brand in the Toy & Game sector. It is a great store of toys that offers high-quality, durable, and reliable toys to people. Curt Eastman and Wendy Papula wanted to introduce a unique business idea to people. So, the Perpetual Kid owners introduced the idea of launching an internet business that offered services to the customers’ inner-child aspirations. The Perpetual Kid is a fun and amazing games-focused internet retailer platform. The company moved to BigCommerce in 2015 after previously using the now-defunct Monster Commerce platform and has been delighted with the steady growth and community. The perpetual kid is present on the BigCommerce store. It helped the people in enjoying the irrelevant yet important aspects of life. You will always experience tremendous joy in finding something unique and funny about the things that you purchase from Perpetual Kid. So, kids end up enjoying the fun part of the products perpetually. Finding the right eCommerce platform When Wendy Papula and Curt Eastman founded Perpetual Kid in 2005, they set out on a goal to amass a collection of one-of-a-kind gifts and toys to help their customers feel good. After more than a decade and various warehouses, the online store now provides over a thousand different toys and presents. But the main question is how did it find the right eCommerce platform for growing its business? This is the main question that interests multiple business owners. Initially, the Perpetual Kid operated on the platform of Monster Commerce. After fixing lots of bugs and getting tired of fixing bugs, the Company started testing many other SaaS platforms. The BigCommerce platform was the most beneficial platform that enabled the business to increase its conversion rates, average order value, and revenue. Migration to BigCommerce The Monster Commerce failed at providing the most efficient marketing services to Perpetual Kid. The Business was finding a reliable SaaS platform. During this quest, the Perpetual Kid came across BigCommerce and joined the community. It transferred all of its data to BigCommerce seamlessly. There was not a single issue faced by the community of Perpetual Kid. There were many categories that easily transfer to BigCommerce. So, the business moved from Monster Commerce to BigCommerce without experiencing any real difficulty. Achievements with a new platform The online retailer of unusual gifts put its products on various Marketplaces, which resulted in 44 percent more sales than the previous year. There was a 94% increase in the conversion rates. The platform also increased the average order value of the BigCommerce store by 154% and revenue by 220%. This is how BigCommerce benefitted the Perpetual Kid. There are numerous other categories in which Perpetual kid had progressed. The Company had made tremendous growth. Conclusion The Perpetual Kid joined Bigcommerce in the year 2015. Since then, the Company has experienced tremendous growth and increased the generation of revenue. Saas Platform of BigCommerce gave a great opportunity to the Perpetual to introduce its products to wider segments of the audience.

Top BigCommerce Stores: Brand Collective’s Strategy to Localize Superdry’s Operation

Top BigCommerce stores: Brand Collective

About Brand Collective and Superdry Brand Collective is the leading house of brands in Australia, with popular brands like Clarks, Superdry, Grosby, and a large variety of products ranging from footwear, workwear, to luxurious apparel. Superdry plc is a clothing company based in the United Kingdom that owns the Superdry label. Not to mention Vintage Americana style meets Japanese-inspired graphics in Superdry’s goods. The brand products are available on the London Exchange. This is a top-class Company that helps in giving amazing fashion solutions to the people. The Need for Control over Operations Most of Superdry’s operations, including eCommerce, were based in the UK. Therefore, after obtaining distribution rights, Brand Collective recognized the need for operation localization. The Company wanted more control over not only fulfillment, delivery, marketing, but also online merchandising and website features. Hence, the team started working on migration and decided that Superdry’s eCommerce platform should be localized as well. As a result, their choice was a familiar platform, BigCommerce. Migration to BigCommerce The Brand Collective house has prior experiences with BigCommerce, hence it only took a short time to build a new site. Superdry has leveraged BigCommerce’s API and integration capability to optimize the storefront, security, and marketing campaigns. The Customer Support team of any eCommerce platform will walk you through a process that will help you in migrating data from the website old to a new platform. BigCommerce is the most beneficial and functional platform that enables a business to scale eCommerce, enhance its reach, and market products to a wide audience. Busy merchants can find various apps and services that offer a flexible, comprehensive, and great solution for transferring data to BigCommerce. The BigCommerce app marketplace provides new stores with a wide variety of solutions to optimization. There are specific types of data that can be transferred to BigCommerce. For instance, you can migrate the products, product categories, orders, coupons, manufacturers, customers, Blogs, and Cms Pages. Achievement with a new platform The platform of the Company enables the store owners to reach a wider audience, target the market, secure great performance, conduct Omni-channel selling, and give access to other important marketing techniques. This is why; the Company was able to increase its customers by 135%, orders by 148%, and revenue by 146%. BigCommerce is the leading platform that offers great solutions to businesses online. Conclusion Localized features match local market conditions better and lower cultural barriers, as well as giving more control over business processes. Superdry has chosen BigCommerce for efficient site creation together with flexibility and scalability.

A Quick Guide To Dynamic Pricing Strategy

a bag of apple with dynamic pricing

Pricing is a crucial driver of an online store’s success. The price of your product and service has a big impact on whether or not consumers buy from you. Therefore, it’s highly necessary to have a dynamic pricing strategy. What is a dynamic pricing strategy? The dynamic pricing strategy is a pricing technique in which a company can adjust the product’s price based on several factors. It allows businesses to react quickly to changes in supply and demand, customer habits, rival pricing, and market trends. Some of the factors that impact the product price are: Market demands Competitor pricing Conversion rates Supply availability Sales goals Demand-based pricing is being adopted in droves by eCommerce businesses because it allows for round-the-clock price monitoring, which better protects their interests.  Benefits of a dynamic pricing strategy There are multiple benefits of the dynamic pricing strategy.  Pricing has a significant impact on the company revenue. It increases the overall sales of the company as well as gives a proper demand curve for every customer profile. Some organizations use a fixed pricing approach, which refers to a fixed price point across all conditions. However, this is not always effective as different customers might have different demands for the same product. In other words, dynamic pricing serves as a tool to understand your customers’ attitudes. This information will enable owners to make more well-informed business decisions.   Another benefit is that it increases your competitive advantage as every customer feels like you really care about them.  How to implement a dynamic pricing strategy? Complicated as it may sound, it’s not difficult to enforce a dynamic pricing strategy. However, there are some preliminary steps every retailer has to undertake. 1. Analyze Trends, Profits, and Costs Firstly, you should analyze multiple market trends to define a concrete pricing strategy. Make sure you sure to thoroughly understand the cost, profits, and other factors related to your business activities. To do this, conduct comprehensive research and review it with your team member for more diverse insights.   2. Start with  the industry standard Are you perplexed about where to start? You can start the research work at the industry’s standards. These standards would enable you to set the parameters of pricing.  3. Price list for different segments Now it is time to divide for various segments in the market. Different price lists would give you comprehensive insights into the different markets and their value.  4. Offer discounts & coupons Discount is the strongest driver to have a memorable and click-influencing campaign. After setting a dynamic price for the products, offer the most captivating discounts and coupons for the purchase. This helps attract more customers that might end up purchasing from your store on a frequent basis.  Conclusion The dynamic pricing strategy enables a business to increase its sales and remain competitive. So, try to benefit from the usefulness of this strategy. 

4 Free Inventory Management Software for Your Online Business

inventory management software free

Inventory management software is one of the most useful software available in the market. This software makes a lot of things easier for businesses. For many types of businesses—from offices to storefronts to warehouses—inventory management software makes monitoring products, tools, and assets simple. Most free inventory management software has limitations in terms of features. However, subscription options are available if you require a more complex solution. The free versions, on the other hand, are sufficient for many small firms. How To Select the Best Free Inventory Management Software? The only software system that was given preference that was cloud-based, user-friendly, and beneficial. The features of the inventory management software were also the main focus. The team should inspect and shortlisted the best free inventory management software. Following we have offered the list of the best free inventory management software: Odoo Free Inventory Management Software Odoo is the best company that provides its inventory management app for free. The inventory app is equipped with all of the features. Its amazing features fulfill your need for basic inventory management. Odoo is a wonderful solution for warehouses and drop shippers with high-volume sales because it has no constraints on users, locations, or commodities. Pros Offers double-entry inventory management system Offers automated requests for the quotes Has sales and customer portal Cons Does not have customization settings Zoho Best Inventory Management Software Zoho Inventory offers a free plan that includes a variety of inventory capabilities. It will allow your organization to expand. Low-stock notifications, kitting and bundling options, and different connections with eCommerce systems, CRMs, and payment gateways are all available. Pros It is a cloud-based software. Offers high-quality kitting capabilities Has amazing eCommerce integrations Cons The website enforces limits on the sales and purchase of the products. Square Inventory Management System – Free to Use and Easy to Use Square is among the top free point-of-sale (POS) systems for small businesses and it also comes with a full suite of inventory management capabilities for an infinite number of products and users. It is ideal for retailers who want to manage inventory for free and sell in-store, online, by invoice, or on their mobile devices. Pros Syncs across various platforms such as mobile, online, and in-store sales. Offers unlimited products to people. User-friendly interface. Cons The platform has basic features. Boxstorm Free Inventory Management Software Boxstorm is a fully-featured and user-friendly interface. This platform has created by Fishbowl Inventory that connects with eCommerce and QuickBooks. It also has an eCommerce platform, which we think is great for stores. Pros Offers multiple API and integrations Has great Mobile App Has high-quality QuickBooks integrations Cons It has limited transactions and a short time available. Conclusion These are the top 04 free inventory management software available in the market. They offer fantastic features that benefit the owners. Go through the features of every software system and reach a decision.

Top 5 Valuable Features of BigCommerce

Top 5 Valuable Features of BigCommerce

BigCommerce is indeed one of the most famous cloud eCommerce platforms. Moreover, its strength lies in efficiency, flexibility, and scalability to empower even enterprises. The main aim of the platform is to increase the conversion rates, sales rates, performance, and others for the business. Most Efficient and Valuable Features of BigCommerce There are many valuable and amazing features of BigCommerce. These features attract more and more businesses towards BigCommerce. Visual builder and customization Visual Builder is Oracle’s low-code software development platform, which allows businesses to quickly construct engaging and brand-consistent Web and mobile applications directly from the browser. It enables businesses to customize their applications on the platform. Through visual builder and customization, the BigCommerce businesses offer advanced digital solutions to valued customers. By using the visual builder and customization on BigCommerce, businesses can turn ideas into useful apps that can assist you in running the business. Thus, businesses can create and deploy web, mobile, and progressive web interfaces. B2B-supported A business-to-business transaction occurs when one company conducts business with another. This usually happens when a company is looking for materials to use in its manufacturing process. For instance, the companies find other organization that offers them manufacturing material at low cost. BigCommerce is a cloud SaaS platform that allows businesses to not only reach customers but also businesses. This is why, BigCommerce succeeds at increasing the conversion rates, AOV and revenue to a greater extent. Headless Commerce Without a front-end delivery layer, headless commerce is an eCommerce solution that stores manage and delivers content. Companies can deliver personalized experiences by a channel that is tailored to the use case thanks to headless commerce. As brands get their brand and products on as many digital platforms as possible, headless commerce can help them grow their digital presence. This is how the companies increase their leads and revenue. Security on the SaaS Platform of the BigCommerce In subscription-based cloud applications, SaaS Security refers to the protection of user privacy and corporate data. SaaS apps store a vast amount of sensitive data and can be accessed by a large number of people from nearly any device, creating a risk to privacy and sensitive data. Web app providers take numerous safeguards to ensure that their infrastructure does not fail and that their services are available at 99.98 percent of the time. Apps and channels integration There is also BigCommerce apps and channels integration that enables the business to integrate data. The data can be transferred from one website to another without any difficulty. So, businesses can move data from one platform to BigCommerce seamlessly. Conclusion These are the top 05 features that make BigCommerce one of the biggest eCommerce platforms available. There are many major companies that are operating through BigCommerce. The main reason for choosing BigCommerce is to focus the sales and marketing. So, companies end up marketing their products cost-effectively online.

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