Top BigCommerce Stores: How Perpetual Kid Find the Perfect Fit

Top BigCommerce stores Perpetual Kid

About Perpetual Kid

The perpetual kit is a famous brand in the Toy & Game sector. It is a great store of toys that offers high-quality, durable, and reliable toys to people. Curt Eastman and Wendy Papula wanted to introduce a unique business idea to people. So, the Perpetual Kid owners introduced the idea of launching an internet business that offered services to the customers’ inner-child aspirations. The Perpetual Kid is a fun and amazing games-focused internet retailer platform. The company moved to BigCommerce in 2015 after previously using the now-defunct Monster Commerce platform and has been delighted with the steady growth and community.

The perpetual kid is present on the BigCommerce store. It helped the people in enjoying the irrelevant yet important aspects of life. You will always experience tremendous joy in finding something unique and funny about the things that you purchase from Perpetual Kid. So, kids end up enjoying the fun part of the products perpetually.

Finding the right eCommerce platform

When Wendy Papula and Curt Eastman founded Perpetual Kid in 2005, they set out on a goal to amass a collection of one-of-a-kind gifts and toys to help their customers feel good. After more than a decade and various warehouses, the online store now provides over a thousand different toys and presents. But the main question is how did it find the right eCommerce platform for growing its business?

This is the main question that interests multiple business owners. Initially, the Perpetual Kid operated on the platform of Monster Commerce. After fixing lots of bugs and getting tired of fixing bugs, the Company started testing many other SaaS platforms. The BigCommerce platform was the most beneficial platform that enabled the business to increase its conversion rates, average order value, and revenue.

Migration to BigCommerce

The Monster Commerce failed at providing the most efficient marketing services to Perpetual Kid. The Business was finding a reliable SaaS platform. During this quest, the Perpetual Kid came across BigCommerce and joined the community.

It transferred all of its data to BigCommerce seamlessly. There was not a single issue faced by the community of Perpetual Kid. There were many categories that easily transfer to BigCommerce. So, the business moved from Monster Commerce to BigCommerce without experiencing any real difficulty.

Achievements with a new platform

The online retailer of unusual gifts put its products on various Marketplaces, which resulted in 44 percent more sales than the previous year. There was a 94% increase in the conversion rates. The platform also increased the average order value of the BigCommerce store by 154% and revenue by 220%. This is how BigCommerce benefitted the Perpetual Kid.

There are numerous other categories in which Perpetual kid had progressed. The Company had made tremendous growth.


The Perpetual Kid joined Bigcommerce in the year 2015. Since then, the Company has experienced tremendous growth and increased the generation of revenue. Saas Platform of BigCommerce gave a great opportunity to the Perpetual to introduce its products to wider segments of the audience.


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