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b2b ecommerce solutions

A new BigCommerce eCommerce journey can not be easy without the support of applications. The app marketplace has exploded and the new business runners may get lost among various kinds of applications. Therefore, after a long time researching and collecting reviews, we are here today to recommend you the five best B2B eCommerce solutions in the world which can transform your B2B business effortlessly.

Best BigCommerce Solutions You Should Never Miss


b2b ecommerce solutions

The first thing you need to think about to stay productive through the busy business days is taking advantage of automation applications. One of the outstanding solutions for eCommerce automation is Atom8. With this app, all types of your business tasks can be automated effortlessly. For example, Atom8 can categorize orders based on order information and then add notes on special orders (high-value or bulk orders) to help the logistics pay more attention. 

This app also supports your customer management as it can track customer orders and automatically assign customers into the “Platinum” group when their spending is over $1000. Customer segmentation is also conducted based on how long they have been your stores’ members. Moreover, Atom8 can help sellers to keep in touch with their customers by personalized email marketing and real-time notification. Besides, it can take part in data management and web content management that help the business runners save a lot of time and effort.


Out-of-stock is not a strange issue with eCommerce sellers, especially in hot seasons. However, the newbie may feel stressful and cannot overcome this difficult situation that may cause negative impacts on business activities and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are going to introduce a BigCommerce solution that can rescue your revenues from out-of-stock items: BackOrder. All you need to do is to pre-set all the products as backorder. When the items are out-of-stock, the customers can still place orders and receive the shipment on a later date.

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Order Booster

Order Booster from GritGlobal can boost your revenues and enhance customer engagement. With this app, the sellers can form the scheduled recommendation rules, including places, items or values, customer behaviors to keep all the product recommendation pop ups sticks to customer demand and business strategies. 

This app helps sellers conduct the cross-sell and up-sell strategies effortlessly. Moreover, after conducting up-sell and cross-sell campaigns, OrderBooster app can export the performance reports that reflect selling effectiveness clearly.

product recommendation


GoDataFeed is also a product optimization that brings you various approaches to optimize products displayed, product searching and product recommendation. This is a high-secured app and it can integrate with more than three thousand integration to support your business; including project management, marketing campaigns to selling activities. GoDataFeedcan also help the business runners to save time on keeping track of selling performance; as it can generate detailed selling reports of each product for sellers.


With our suggestions about the best B2B eCommerce solutions for beginners, we hope that you can find the most suitable apps to empower your businesses.


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