4 eCommerce stores with the best in cart upsell strategy

in cart upsell

Cart upsell strategies can bring your stores a huge amount of revenue and enhance customer shopping experience. However, it is difficult to find a complete instruction of how to plan the best in cart upsell strategies. Therefore, the business runners should learn from the precedent businesses that have successfully built their in cart upsell. Our article today will tell you some remarkable examples of best in cart upsell strategies that can inspire you.

4 Examples Of the Best In Cart Upsell Strategy You Can Learn From1

Primal Kitchen

This is an online grocery that specialize in selling mayo, oil, vinegar, supplements,… with natural ingredients for the healthy customers. Primal kitchen in-cart upsell strategies by suggesting additional products based on in-cart products. It will also automatically update recommendations when customers put new products more in their shopping cart. Also, it equips a free shipping calculator to determine how much the customers need to shop more to receive freeship. Moreover, this site provides customers with a personalized and tailored experience; which displays their needed items rather than showing all the irrelevant ones.

Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph is famous not only for their high-quality metallic products but also their perfect shopping experience. This store usually takes advantage of the shopping cart to highlight add-ons and complementary products which are matched with in-cart items. This approach can bring more motivation for the customers to complete the orders with more items for better experience. The design is elegant and transparent so that it can highlight the cart upsell to catch customers’ attention. Moreover, Joseph Joseph always spends a space for best-selling products to up-sell the trending ones.

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Bite Toothpaste

Thanks for awesome in-cart upsell strategies, Bite Toothpaste has sold millions of products related to tooth care. Like previous stores, Bite Toothpaste can automatically generate product recommendations. It happens whenever a new product to put in the cart. For example, if the customers add a toothpaste tube into their cart; the site will recommend additional floss or mouthwash for a complete toothcare routine. It also recommends some alternatives to help customers get a better deal. All the recommendation pop-ups are shown in a user-friendly way; which can attract customers effortlessly and avoid disturbing them. Moreover, this approach can boost sales and enhance customer engagement concurrently.


Gymshark is an eCommerce store that provides customers with various choices of gym stuff. This store also has a successful in-cart upsell approach in a clean and intuitive way. They take advantage of the white space adjacent to the chosen products. Which is to enlighten the up-selling items for catching customers intention. Gymshark has invented UX design to boost sales and enhance the personalized shopping experience. The attempt is to rescue customers from being overwhelmed among various product lines. The innovative design feature may inspire other eCommerce stores to apply to their own one.


From four examples of eCommerce stores that have the best in-cart strategies, we hope you can get some valuable lessons and experience to apply to your stores’ in-cart strategies and boost revenues


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