Using time-sensitive BigCommerce banner to increase sales


Are you looking for an effective way to boost sales and keep your customers engaged? Time-sensitive BigCommerce banners provide the perfect solution. Read on as we explore how time-sensitive BigCommerce banner promotions can maximize profits and make a big impact on any online business!

How does time-sensitive BigCommerce banner work?

Top banners can be utilized to advertise bargains or limited-time deals without interfering with clients’ navigation.

One of the main forces behind contemporary eCommerce is urgency. Brands must understand how to convey sales and limited-time deals in an arranged manner. Top banner use is a great approach to do it.

Using time-sensitive BigCommerce banner to increase sales

Add text, a timer, and/or a link button to your top banner to briefly describe your deal and the amount of time left for customers to take action.

Customers often browse websites from top to bottom. When a consumer lands on your website, having a top banner displaying your deals ensures that they are aware of what you have to offer them within the first few seconds.

Using time-sensitive BigCommerce banner to increase sales – Best practices

The best way to manage a flash sale is being discussed. The following advice will be useful:

  • Make it exclusive: A flash sale is different from a typical one because of its distinctive features. For instance, provide a larger price decrease than normal. Or offer a discount on a line of goods that is typically sold at full price.
  • Instill FOMO: The secret to a flash sale that boosts sales is FOMO marketing. Customers go into overdrive when they experience a true fear of missing out, wanting to buy more quickly to prevent missing the deadline or having their top choices run out of stock. Furthermore, phrases like “don’t miss out” and “purchase now while supplies last” are excellent at triggering FOMO.
Using time-sensitive BigCommerce banner to increase sales
  • Design an on-brand banner: For your sales to soar, effective marketing for your flash sale is crucial. Because of this, your flash sale banner must be strategically scheduled and well-designed to draw in your target audience. However, while a creative banner is necessary to draw attention, one that is off-brand and in a foreign hue is not what you want. A banner like that can appear fake.
  • Write clear copy: Your text must compel readers to take action, so action verbs like “click,” “shop,” and “read” are encouraged, as are terms that make readers feel FOMO. Make sure your text is straightforward and understandable, too. Avoid using flowery jargon and simply state what is being discounted, how much it is, and how long it will continue.
  • Have a call-to-action: Include a button or link in your announcement banner that directs users to the area or landing page of your website that corresponds to the current flash sale.
Using time-sensitive BigCommerce banner to increase sales

In Conclusion,

Using time-sensitive BigCommerce banners supports offering visibility, generating leads, targeting campaigns, reinforcing customer loyalty—all while capitalizing on fleeting opportunities. Not only will this marketing tool drive conversions through dynamic visuals and customizations that are tailored to each customer, but it will also motivate shoppers to take advantage of limited offers in order to get the most out of their purchase.

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However, it might be difficult to promote many sales campaigns on a website. You may save a ton of time and work by using Atom8 to automatically and continually publish and swap banners on a pre-scheduled basis. Contact us today!


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