7 Product Recommendation Strategies For Online Stores

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Product recommendation is very important to boost sales and increase revenue. It encourages shoppers to buy more from your store. The key is to recommend relevant products so that it’s not too intrusive to your customers.

1. Previously viewed

This recommendation is based on a customer’s browsing data. This includes products that are recently viewed by the consumer but not purchased yet. You might also want to look at the time they stay on such a page, and how often they come back to see how badly they want it. You can also offer a discount to this item on special occasions. In this way, you will be able to generate leads very easily. 

2. Similar products

Whenever customers buy some branded products, show them similar items within the same, below, and upper range. Consumers might not know what they need until you show them. Instead of waiting for them to look through the whole product catalog, introduce them to other items that can be used together. For example, you can recommend a bottle of toner to a customer who is going to buy a cleanser. It is essential to choose the right eCommerce app that can improve customer buying experiences while boosting average order value (AOV). If you are BigCommerce merchant, there are tons of free BigCommerce apps executing cross-selling and upselling to your customers such as Order Booster. The all-in-one solution that can increase your store AOV with pre-purchase cross-sell and upsell, product recommendation, quantity, volume upsell, etc. It is best for you to try out many apps to find the best one.
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3. Best-sellers

During purchase, it’s essential to show your best sellers products. As people are more likely to believe in others’ recommendations than the brand’s description, this creates a sense of credibility. It also helps potential customers to choose the best product from them. It directly guides them to suitable products and buys them instantly. In this way, you can able to generate more sales and increase your profit ratio. 

4. Recommended for you

On your eCommerce website, you are able to make a tab where you can put all the recommended items tailored to each customer on a specific page. Using a recommended search engine, you will be able to get their online purchase history and make this catalog more relevant. Then during their search, showcase these products and generate more sales. 

5. People also viewed

Other people’s reviews are always very trustworthy in online shopping. People always want to see what the community thinks about a product before purchasing. This helps them select the appropriate product while generating more leads for your eCommerce website. eCommerce product recommendation is always very important for sales. 

6. Frequently bought together

Another way to generate more sales for your store is to recommend the product that is frequently bought together. You need to store data about previous orders on your website. This information can be used to create personalized and seasonal offers in the future. You can also find out about your customer preference and notify them about the latest product collection. 

7. New arrivals

If you just added a new arrival collection at your eCommerce site, don’t forget to notify your existing customers via SMS, email marketing, or cold calling. This keeps your customers aware of your available offer. Most of the customers are excited about new arrival coming to their favorite stores. Thus this helps increase your sales ratio.  The above-mentioned 7 points would help eCommerce stores to increase sales volume. Proper strategy always helps to achieve your sales goal.

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