8 Ways To Improve Customer Experiences On A B2B eCommerce Website

8 Ways To Improve Customer Experiences On A B2B eCommerce Website

Customer experience improvement plays a vital role in B2B eCommerce strategies. To enhance their shopping experience overall, the business runners should take actions to advance various aspects such as: website, marketing, products and so on. All the main points will be discussed in this article.


8 Outstanding Approaches To Enhance Experiences On Your B2B eCommerce Website

Enhance Web Quality

All the transactions will take place on your eCommerce website. That’s why the website’s quality plays a decisive role in enhancing the customer shopping experience. To improve the website quality, you need to upgrade to the latest version, speed up the loading time and reduce bugs, especially in peak seasons. If the customer spends too much time waiting for the process, they may become impatient and move to another site to shop. 

Increase Web Security

When the number of transactions on the website increases rapidly, the risk of information criminals becomes severe. You need to pay more attention to web security and find ways to protect customers’ information. When the customers’ contacts are leaked outside, they will be disturbed easily by other companies, especially our competitors. 

Personalized Email Marketing

Nowadays, customers are looking forward to personalization in marketing rather than mass marketing as before. To apply this method to your email marketing approach, you need to use tools to track customers behaviors on your website. Then, based on their personal preference, time spent, order value to categorize them into suitable groups. Next, you can use some automated applications such as Atom8 in BigCommerce and Shopify platforms to send personalized emails marketing to each customer segment. 

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Improve Customer Service

If you are finding ways to improve the customer shopping experience on your eCommerce website, don’t forget to focus on customer service. Besides assigning some staff to stay online and support customers whenever they need, you can set a chatbot on your website with detailed answers for some frequent questions of the customers. With the complicated problems, you can allow them to leave their emails for further contact to solve the issues.

Maintain Customer Relationship

Some business runners focus on how to attract a lot of customers but ignore maintaining customer relationships. It is a really big mistake. To maintain customer relationships, you may need to update your products, ensure quality, establish membership programs with annual special deals. 

Set Useful Popups Ads

As we said before, customers today appreciate something more personalized and popup ads or product recommendation is not an exception. The data from customer behavior tracking will help you to realize what they really want to suggest the most relevant products rather than putting your customers in a huge amount of valueless advertisement. The helpless popups ads will disrupt the shopping experience and reduce the attractiveness of your website as well.

Plan For Website Contents

While you can not stand in front of the customers and tell them about products or buying guides, website content will help you to do so. The customers will rely on the product description to make their decisions so you need to prepare the content of each product that sticks to the demand of the customers and avoid being too long or wordy. Moreover, you can utilize some automatic applications that can help you with content management such as Atom8 on BigCommerce or Shopify platforms.

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Speed Up Order Fulfillment Stage

To enhance customers’ experience on B2B eCommerce websites, the business runners should speed up the order fulfillment stage. One of the most effective ways to do so is by taking advantage of automation applications such as Atom8. The process of order fulfillment will follow the pre-built workflow without any manual operation, which can reduce loading time, mistakes and save effort.



Are you ready to improve customer experience on B2B eCommerce websites with our checklist? Try to do so and the results will go beyond your expectation. 


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