Top valuable customer email segments

Top valuable customer email segments

The more relevant your message is to your target customer, the easier it is to persuade them in favor of your offer. This technique has been widely used in marketing activities, especially email marketing, with the help of distribution tools. Most email marketing tools enable marketers to identify and target many segments of customers. The goal is to generate more sales and build a stronger relationship with all of your audience.

However, email segments vary from business to business with different goals, customer characteristics, and pain points. This article looks at some customer segmentation strategies that can be applied regardless of your industry.

VIP customers

VIP customers are people that need to take better care of. These customers have a higher value than others because of the larger amount of time and money they spend on your website. They might have made a higher-than-average order value, or they might have purchased premium products or subscriptions, or they just frequently buy from your store.

Depending on your brand identity, you can name them as either VIP customers, or gold, or platinum customers. Whatever the case, Mailchimp allows you to add users to a VIP list to target with special messages.

You might want to express your gratitude towards their spending on your store. Also, let them know that they’ve earned access to exclusive products, services, and offers because of their loyalty. This increases your offer’s specialty and incentivizes them to purchase, especially when they are already a loyal customer.

Users with similar demographic information

The easiest among email segments might be based on demographic data. People living in the same region often experience the same weather patterns and the surrounding shopping trends. For example, you can establish a promotion campaign amind a local holiday. Statistics show that people are more likely to spend money on special occasions as gifts for friends and relatives. A lot of people looking for shopping deals at the same time í a great opportunity for you to boost sales.

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If a universal program is not fascinating enough, you can consider discounts on the customer’s birthday. Everyone likes to receive something on their birthday. This shows that you care about every individual that comes to your stores, thus increasing the conversion rate.

We recommend gathering all of the basic information upfronts when someone signs up in your store to make it easier for personalization.

Inactive subscribers

Inactive users are defined as people who haven’t responded to emails or purchased from your store within a period of time. Many people ignore inactive users thinking that they’re off value for their business. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Some customers have the potential to be a gold mine if you have the right strategy.

Fortunately, it is totally possible to target inactive users with Mailchimp. What you need are an attractive tagline and a captivating offer. Consider something like “We miss you! Take 15% off.” or “How have you been? Don’t forget to order soon”. These are designed to bring back customers and are much cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Users who abandoned their cart

The average shopping cart abandonment rate across all industries is roughly 70%. There are many reasons why people left without completing an order. It might be due to a low response check-out process or credit card issue. Technical problems can be dealt with by adding a new payment method or lowering the price or adding more benefits. It is the customer’s personal issue that is hard to handle.

You might want to send a reminder a couple of hours or days after the customers abandoned the cart. Remember to keep your message friendly and avoid being too dominated. You can always accompany a discount in the message to make the offer more appealing.

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Users who opened but didn’t click on the link

There are people who read your email but did not click on the CTAs or internal link. Which means that they’re interested in your product or service but you need another shot to win the deal.

The best way to crack the sale is to create a sequence of emails with different CTAs. Once activated, you can create a campaign that allows for targeting customers who did not click on the link in the previous emails.

Streamlining data with Atom8

Customer segmentation is clearly beneficial for your business. However, it requires pooling a lot of data from your backend to an email marketing tool. With Atom8’s email marketing integration, this is no longer a worry. Besides Mailchimp, you can connect your store with Sendgrid or Klaviyo based on your needs. Then you can set up a workflow to pass the customer’s information to these platforms whenever it is updated in your store’s system.

All in all, audience segmentation has a big effect on your email marketing performance. Therefore, it’s worth investing time and effort in categorizing your customers as soon as possible.

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